Ninna Nanna MULTY review: multi-purpose baby furniture

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Ninna Nanna MULTY 4 in 1 crib high chair storage system for baby


The incredible MULTY by Ninnananna

It’s no secret that when you have a baby you’re going to need to buy stuff.  A lot of stuff.  In fact, loads of it!  Your house will quickly fill up with baby stuff and all your spare pennies will go on your precious bundle instead of yourself.  Our home is certainly filled with our children’s belongings and we buy little for ourselves nowadays!  It’s something that cannot be escaped as furniture, toys and clothes always need replacing as the children grow and develop. 

Luckily, Ninnananna have come up with an innovative solution to the furniture issue by creating a revolutionary piece of furniture that grows with your child – the ’MULTY’.  No longer will you need to trawl the shops looking for the best baby crib, high chair or storage system as Ninnananna have this covered with an incredible 4 in 1 product.   The MULTY will last your child from birth to 10 years old by providing you with your first crib, high chair, chair and storage system all from one piece of clever furniture.

 Ninna Nanna MULTY 4 in 1 crib high chair storage system for baby

Ninna Nanna MULTY 4 in 1 crib high chair storage system for baby

Ninna Nanna MULTY 4 in 1 crib high chair storage system for baby

The crib

This remarkable product starts off as a crib when your baby is born.  Not just any old ordinary crib though, oh no.  This one rocks itself back and forth to soothe your baby to sleep.  We certainly could have done with the backwards and forwards motion for Reuben.  He was so used to this from the hospital cribs, he just hated his Moses basket at home which rocked sideways.  The MULTY can be tilted so babies with colic and reflux can breathe easier giving everyone a better night’s sleep.

The crib looks attractive with its classic slatted design, but modern base.  I love the white finish too.  We have lots of white furniture and our walls are all painted white giving a fresh clean look.  White can be added to any colour scheme, so there’s no worrying about whether this crib will match your nursery colours. 

 Ninna Nanna MULTY 4 in 1 crib high chair storage system for baby

The chairs & storage system

Once baby is ready to move to their big cot, this genius crib converts into a storage system and high chair/chair.  There is no need to clutter up your attic or have the hassle of selling your outgrown crib as you can continue to make use of the MULTY as your child grows.  It quite literally grows with your child suiting their milestones perfectly. 

From snoozing adorable baby in their rocking crib, your little one is now sitting up by themselves and having their first tastes.  The lower part of the crib will turn into their very first high chair, complete with safety harness and tray.  From baby to toddler, this high chair will see you through all those messy meal adventures! 

Whip off the tray and the high chair becomes a raised chair so your pre-schooler can enjoy mealtimes at the same height as the rest of the family until big enough to sit on adult chairs.

The upper part to the crib becomes a handy storage unit complete with inner and outer pockets, just perfect for storing your (no doubt) expanding collection of children’s toys!

Watch their fab video here to see how it works:

Every part of the MULTY can be used from birth to age 10 (and even beyond if you continue to use the storage system).  For only £179.99 (plus p&p) this is an invaluable piece of equipment for any new parent.  It provides great value and convenience with its super clever design.  I only wish the MULTY had been around when I had my two littles.  We’d have saved a great deal of time and money!

Ninna Nanna MULTY review