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My #OOTD - Aztec Print Maxi Dress

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Black Aztec Print Maxi Dress Summer Fashion with Lylia Rose

Black Aztec Print Maxi Dress Summer Fashion with Lylia Rose

Black Aztec Print Maxi Dress Summer Fashion with Lylia Rose

Summer Fashion with Lylia Rose

It’s been a while since I posted an outfit of the day post.  I really haven’t been buying clothes for a long time.  I’ve actually been getting rid of a lot.  We have two wardrobes (one each) and a big wide chest of deep drawers in our bedroom.  My plan is to share just one wardrobe and get rid of the other & drawers.  I’d like the extra space in our bedroom and also somewhere to lean a huge oversized mirror against the wall.  I’ve spent a few weeks ruthlessly refining my clothes collection and selling unwanted pieces on eBay.  I’m aiming for a half wardrobe of clothes and that’s it.  Things I wear all the time and outfits that mix and match.  I don’t want to keep anything I won’t use.  Only having exactly what I need makes my head feel a lot clearer too!  I’m definitely more of a minimalist and regularly sorting through belongings is quite an obsession of mine.

I have, however, decided to treat myself to this wonderful black and white Aztec print maxi dress from my own online shop!  I’ve never been a maxi dress wearer before, but I am now converted!  I’d have usually gone for a more fitted size small, but I’ve gone for a looser fit with a size medium and it’s been bliss wearing this comfy non clingy dress for the past two days as our summer (hopefully) finally begins!  The black and white will team with any colour accessories, but my favourite are these turquoise bracelet and handbag from my Lylia Rose shop too.

Isn’t it the most perfect hot day summer outfit?