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It’s all gone quiet

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You may, or may not, have noticed my blog has gone a little quiet in recent weeks.  I usually publish blog posts a few times per week, but not over the past few weeks.  Don’t panic, I’m still here!

We went away for our first family holiday to Cornwall the last week of July and then to visit some of Ben’s family in Germany last week.  I did take my laptop and phone with me to keep an eye on my small business, but didn’t have the time to keep up with any blogging.

It’s the summer hols now so my eldest is not at preschool anymore.  Bella was doing 21 hours a week at preschool, which gave me a good two hours per day (whilst Reuben napped) to write blog posts.  She’ll start mornings at school in September and then will be full time from October, so I’ll be back on top of my blog posts then!

I’ve also started a new job.  I’m working Monday to Friday evenings, anything from 2-4.5 hours, so my evening writing will no longer happen either!

Once Bella is at school I’ll be able to write in the mornings again (uninterrupted at least – right now Bella is trying to blow raspberries on my arm in between asking for a snack and Reuben is trying to touch screen our TV, which is not a touch screen!).

For now I’ll try to write whenever I get a moment and at weekends, if we don’t have plans, though the summer holiday weekends are filling up with plans quickly.  Ben is away this weekend, so there’ll be no daytime writing, but I’m hopeful I can get the children in bed on time to write in the evenings.  Bliss (if it happens).

So if I’m quiet (blog wise) for four weeks this is why.  I’m mummying all day and working my employed job at night.

I'm going to relax and enjoy the summer holidays.  Not worry about not blogging so much or spending so much time on my little business, because I simply can't right now.  It's not going to collapse, it's just going to be quieter for a month.  That's fine.  Don't stress!

Are you a mum blogger on summer hols?  Do you still manage to find time to write?