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iPhones, bras & toilets are not a good mixture!

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For the second time in my life I have dropped a phone down the toilet.  Oops!  The first time was a little more acceptable as it was a cheap, probably £30-£50, mobile phone over ten years ago, so super simple to replace.  I was using a public toilet and the bag hook was to the side of the toilet, rather than the more sensible back of the door.  When I stood up I knocked my bag flying and my phone went straight down the loo!  This time, in the age of smart phones, it was my few month old £500 iPhone SE.  So not as hilarious, though the story is still quite amusing and once I’m over the pain of how much it will cost to replace, I’m sure I’ll laugh about this event too.

I started a new cleaning job this week.  I was doing one which was early mornings for four months which meant I had to get up at 4.30am.  This wasn’t ideal, but I always managed to get up and to work for 5am and once I got started I was wide awake within 5 mins.  It just really hit me later on in the afternoon/early evening.  I didn’t mind the job itself, I’d got into a good routine and tried to see it as exercise (paid exercise!).  The reason I decided to look for a new job was the lack of communication from my manager and the lady I worked with not turning up and never letting me know.  This meant I had to work extra at no notice.  Not great as I had to be back home for Ben to go to work.  If she’d have even let me know just the night before I could have gone in earlier.  She was regularly up to half hour late, never apologised and often finished her half before me.  Rather than grab a duster and just do something for ten minutes whilst I finished up, she stood and stared at me (often in the way of where I was mopping) and literally just looked at me in a fixed stare.  It was rather unnerving.   Our remote manager rarely responded to me or acknowledged my messages.  I just had enough of the poor communication and lack of reliability in the end and decided to have a quick browse for any new jobs. 

I immediately saw one which was evenings instead and only Monday to Friday (I was doing Mon-Sat) just four extra miles away, so not much further.  I rang to find if the start times fitted around Ben’s work (they did) and was offered an interview within 2 hours and got the job!  If only things were always that easy!  They are a small family run business who seem friendly and who care about their staff, so I think I’ll get on much better.  I’ll also be working by myself, which I don’t mind at all as I can just crack on and won’t be let down like my old job.

So the phone water disaster…

I’ll be cleaning five buildings overall and it’s apparently quite easy to lock myself out of some of them, plus I’ll be setting some alarms.  The uniform doesn’t have any pockets, so I have nowhere to put my phone.  I thought I’d better keep my phone on me last night as I was on my own for the first part for the first time and I’m still learning the ropes.  Another lady said she keeps hers down her bra, so I thought why not, sounds a bit strange but I’ll give it a go as I have nowhere else to put it.

Big mistake!

I’m not the most ample bosomed so this may be why disaster struck.  iPhone stayed firmly in place for around half my shift, then whilst cleaning some office toilets I heard a significant ‘PLOP’.  For a split second I thought what’s that falling in the toilet, then to my horror realised it was my iPhone.  It had slid right from my bra and down the toilet.  Oh gosh.  I had that instant sinking feeling in my stomach and feeling of uselessness as I knew it was ruined.  A feeling of dread as it has all our holiday photos on from the past two weeks which could be lost.  An embarrassed feeling whilst asking myself why on Earth did I put it down my bra.  A feeling of uh-oh I’ll have to tell Ben and now we’re going to have to fork out for a new one.  But it was done and I couldn’t turn back time so I just had to work with that sinking feeling for the rest of my shift and wait to see if Ben (IT wizard) had any magical ideas when I returned home.

After researching on the net we found lots of articles suggesting putting the phone in rice in an airing cupboard.  So that is where my beloved iPhone is now; in Bella’s Frozen Tupperware lunch box, surrounded by dried rice, upon a shelf in our hot water tank cupboard.

Luckily this morning it did turn on, but I couldn’t get it to connect to my laptop to remove my photos.  I’m not sure it will ever work 100% properly again even if it does dry out.  I can see all the water damage under the screen and there are red lines all over the screen.

I think my next purchase might be a bum bag!  Didn’t they come back into fashion anyway?