Healthy fashion habits everyone should adopt

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Keeping up with the latest fashion fads can be expensive and exhausting. Fads come and go and only a few stick. Rather than chasing the latest trends, adopt some healthy fashion habits and always look your best.

1. Work with what you have

Every once in a while, it’s a good idea to go through your closet and take a good look at all your clothes. Assess each piece critically. If there are items you’re no longer wearing, can they be repurposed into something else? Sometimes making simple changes like changing an outfit’s buttons can completely change the look. Or, what about altering the length of a dress or skirt? Would this make a difference? Get rid of anything that is no longer useful to you and make some space.

Next, look at your preferred outfit choices. Can you mix and match them with other items to create new ensembles? It’s surprising how many outfits you can come up with by making a few tweaks.

2. Have you got the basics covered?

Does your closet cover the basics for the season? This will be a personal choice and will depend very much on your lifestyle. For example, if you work in an office it is likely you will need a few pairs of smart trousers, some skirts and a few dresses. Add to this an assortment of blouses, versatile tops and a couple of suit jackets. And of course a few pairs of shoes. These may be your working week staples. You can then add to them accordingly by figuring out where the gaps are. You may be missing a few versatile outfits to double as work and evening wear. Or you may need a few smart-casual items.

3. Be inspired

Take inspiration from everything around you. Read your favorite fashion blogs and magazines. Put together Pinterest boards of your favorite styles. Bring to mind your favorite literary characters or take some tips from style icons. Find out how to dress like a celebrity and pick out details that work for you.

It’s not about copying someone else. It’s about using details from their style choices and putting your own spin on them.

4. Know your body

A big part of deciding what will or won’t work for you is about understanding your own shape. Get to know the cuts, silhouettes, and styles that flatter your figure. And understand what doesn’t work. For example, pencil skirts and wrap dresses look great on a classic hourglass figure. Whereas fitted jackets and boot-cut flares will suit a pear shape.

There are always exceptions to rules, of course, but knowing your body will help you make the best style choices.

5. Take care of your clothes

Avoid buying cheap, mass-produced clothes. They rarely last and will deteriorate as soon as you wear them. Instead, see your wardrobe as an investment. Buy clothes that are well-cut and well-made. They may cost a little extra at first but because of their longevity, they will be worth the initial outlay.

Look after your clothes by adhering to care instructions. Wash them at the correct temperature and follow instructions for drying. Hand wash wool and silk items and use muslin bags to prevent snagging. Wash items that fade, like jeans, inside out to preserve the color. Hanging is also important and so invest in some good quality hangers that will support your garments. Lie heavy items flat to prevent them stretching and losing their shape.

Forget about passing trends and fads. Adopt some healthy fashion habits and create your own personal style.