Using Dermaroller for better skin health

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Skin problems can be very frustrating, and they can also be quite embarrassing as well. That's why you shouldn't put up with them. There are plenty of ways that you can make your skin look and feel better. One way is by having treatments like Dermaroller performed at a local clinic. But before you do that you should know how the process works.

Things That Make Skin Healthy or Unhealthy

One thing that can contribute to the health of your skin is the hormones that your body is producing.  The types and amounts of hormones change as you get older. When those levels change or drop off, it can cause deficiencies like a lack of collagen. Since collagen helps to hold skin cells together, not having enough of it in your body can be a real problem. Changing levels of Human Growth Hormone (HGH) and other natural materials in your body can also have a negative influence on your skin.

Another thing that can make your skin healthy or unhealthy is your general lifestyle. Daily choices that you make, such as smoking, drinking alcohol excessively, or over eating, can easily make your skin look worse. Getting too much sun or going to tanning salons too much can also damage your skin because the UV from those activities aren't healthy for it.

Deciding on a Treatment Course

There are a lot of ways to treat your skin when it has naturally deteriorated with age, including things like medical lasers and Dermaroller treatments. However, you can also do a lot to treat your skin at home, and you have to if you want the best results from any clinical treatment. Unless you treat your skin daily with proper moisturiser and other skincare creams, you'll find yourself right back in a clinic for more treatments pretty quickly.

Repairing Your Skin With Dermaroller Procedures

If you do decide to have a Dermaroller treatment, you will need to be prepared for the fact that the process does involve needles. However, your skin will be completely numbed during the procedure.  That procedure involves the technician rolling a device covered in small needles across the surface of your skin. The punctures created by the needles will be interpreted by your body as an attack. When attacked, it should start to produce more of its own natural skin cell defenses, such as collagen.

Variations in Dermaroller Treatments and Techniques

It's worth noting that not all Dermarollers are alike. The sizes of the needles vary a bit. The type and size of needle you should be treated with depends on the type of skin problem that you have. The tiniest needs are best for surface problems, while the larger ones can get right down into the deeper layers of your skin.

Another thing you should know is that at-home Dermaroller kits are available, but they aren't likely to be as useful as clinical treatments. They also come with the risk of pain and skin infections. So, if you do decide to have Dermaroller done, it might be best to have it done by a professional skincare clinician.

I’m certainly thinking of ways to stop my skin ageing so noticeably as my skin changes in my 30s.  Would you have a Dermaroller treatment?