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Funny Things Bella Says (Age 4)

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Some of the funniest things my daughter Bella has said between ages 4 to 4 and 2 months:

‘You’ve gone all frizzy!’    (I had goose bumps on my arm!)

Bella received a thank you card from her friend Abbie at playschool for her birthday present.  It has a bunny on the front and is pink.
Bella says to me ‘I’m going to give this card back to Abbie as I don’t like bunnies or the colour pink!’

Reuben is sat in the living room surrounding by kitchen roll.  It was up on our dining table.  I tell Bella off for getting it down and giving it to Reuben.
She replies ‘ No I didn’t, it was Reuben’
I say it can’t have been Reuben as he can’t reach the table.
Bella says ‘yes he can, he boinged up!’

‘This busy day is making me dizzy!’

‘Ama Goo Goo’  (Bella’s latest word for Mummy.  It went from Mummy, to Mama, to Ama and somehow to Ama Goo Goo ?!!)

‘Daddy, you naughty!’  (as Ben puts a tub of Pringles in our shopping trolley!)

‘Yesssssssssssss’  (when she gets something she really wants.  I remember saying this when I was younger!)

‘Silly old weather!’  (because I say it’s going to rain!)

‘My legs are foody’
Me – what does that mean Bella?
‘They are hungry!’