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Bella’s First Week at School

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Bella’s First Week at School on the Lylia Rose UK lifestyle blog


Everyone says it, but it’s so true – ‘Where does the time go?’ ‘Once you have children time goes so quickly’ ‘She was only just a baby!’

These are phrases us parents use a lot!  That’s because time really does seem to speed up ridiculously once you have children.  And so I’m going to have to say it – where on earth have the past four years disappeared to?!

Bella started school last Wednesday!

 Bella’s First Week at School on the Lylia Rose UK lifestyle blog

I wasn’t emotional, crying at the school gates or anything like that.  But rather a very proud Mummy seeing her all dressed up in her school uniform looking ever so cute.  Like a mini grown up!  It’s funny how all the children in their school uniforms have suddenly turned from baby faced pre-schoolers before the summer holidays, to full on much more mature children within the spaced of a mere 6 week break!  They all looked so fantastic, I barely recognised a couple of Bella’s preschool buddies in their smart attire!

 Bella’s First Week at School on the Lylia Rose UK lifestyle blog

So how has the first week been?

I think for Bella it’s been mostly up and a little bit down.  As much as we tried to explain the first day of school to her, I’m not sure she fully understood what was going on until we took her to school on her first day!  Without an older sibling at school, it was totally brand new to her.  The first day was great.  A little different as we took her through the main entrance rather than to the playground, so me and Ben were able to accompany her to the classroom, help her find her peg and leave her in the safe hands of her new teachers.  She almost looked like she was going to have a wobble when we left, but one of the teachers took her to sit down with the rest of the class and all was well.  When I picked her up she had a big grin and couldn’t wait to tell me about her day.  She really had the best time and even made a new friend.  The teacher said they had the best morning, no tears, no sadness, just a lovely morning as they were the loveliest bunch of children.  Chuffed!

The next day Bella had to queue in the playground and surprisingly all the children queued really well and were in the classroom in two seconds.  It was so swift, I remarked on how easy it was!  Hmmm, but not for much longer!

 Bella’s First Week at School on the Lylia Rose UK lifestyle blog

The second day went well and Bella was beaming when I picked her up, full of stories from her second morning.  Success, I thought.

Day 3, however, brought a wobble.  After a terrible night’s sleep, with nightmares and becoming full of cold, Bella was not her chirpy self on the 3rd day.  She didn’t want to queue up to go in and got upset.  The teachers are stars and one of them whisked her in before much of a fuss could be made.  She did have a lovely day, but the teacher said she was tired which was understandable from a rough night.

Day 4 was the same in the morning.  Eek.  She didn’t want to queue and got upset again.  A teaching assistant quickly noticed and got her into the classroom rapidly, which is great in my opinion as I know as soon as she’s in and settled she’s fine!  At her preschool she’d occasionally do the very same.  Really cling to me and not want me to go, but they always said within two minutes of me going she was absolutely fine.  Little monkey!  Perhaps she just wants Mummy and Reuben to stay with her and play!!  Thankfully the teachers at pickup said Bella was absolutely fine day 4 and had a big grin all morning.  Phew!

 Bella’s First Week at School on the Lylia Rose UK lifestyle blog

Today was day 5 and I was hoping we’d be over the queuing thing.  We have a TotsUp reward bus and I told her she could have a passenger if she queued nicely with the other children with no fuss.  I thought it may work as she’s chosen to go swimming this weekend if she gets 10 passengers in time, but alas, no.  The tears came again as soon as the bell went and it was time to queue.  I’m not sure what it is, but there’s something that suddenly scares her about queueing with the other children.  So frustrating as I know as soon as she’s in the classroom she is absolutely fine and has the best time.  It would be more understandable if she didn’t like school, but not so.  I already know she’ll be super happy when I pick her up today and will excitedly tell me all about her morning.  She saw several things she wanted to play with in the reception playground when we arrived, so I bet she was straight out there!

Aside from the queuing wobbles, she really has had a great time.  We’re on her second reading book already.  Bella loves books so I’m sure she is amazed she can pick books to borrow and bring home from school to share with us.  Story time has been one of her highlights in school so far with Bella relaying the stories to me on the way home each day.  She loves the home corner and playing outside on the climbing frame and bikes.  She’s also enjoyed colouring in, painting and instruments.  Hopefully she’ll soon be running over to queue with her friends in the playground and enjoying every second of school right from the minute she arrives :)


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