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Woohoo, she did it!

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bella queues at school gates for first time back to school reception class

Woohoo, she did it!

OK, so she looks a little terrified in this photo, but she was fine, honestly!  I think she turned around to make sure I hadn’t gone, she must have suddenly realised I might not be there!  Me and Reuben kept waving at her and she kept waving back looking super chuffed she was the first one in line, being brave and a ‘big girl’, such a difference from her little wobble yesterday.

As we walked to school we talked about swimming this weekend if she gets all her passengers on her TotsUp reward bus.  I said she can have a passenger if she queues up with the other children.  I asked why she didn’t want to queue and she said it was because she wanted me to go in with her!  I explained no other mummys or daddys went in the classroom and Mummy is far too big to be in her class!  I also said she’s a big girl now and has to be brave.

It seemed to do the trick today and as soon as we got to school, with a few minutes to spare, she immediately lined up!  She could have stayed next to me until the bell rang, but she left me straight away.  I was so proud and very impressed.  She must really really want to go swimming this weekend!

Fingers crossed she has realised it’s not scary at all and tomorrow will be the same :)