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Options For The Christmas Break - The Easy, The Difficult, And The Almost Impossible! *

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When you’ve got children that are still enchanted by the magic of Christmas, then few short weeks leading up to the big day can be tough. And it’s not all about the toys! Many kids have already started to ask for the big Christmas experience. Meeting Santa, travelling to Lapland, and eating lots of chocolate yule log. Then there’s the advent calendar, the twelve-foot tree, and all the lights that will illuminate the planet from your own home.

When the kids finish school, there will only be a few days before the 25th to worry about. But by then, parents need to be ready. Try to get everything prepared and purchased in advance. You’re less likely to have to battle your way through the mayhem of last minute shoppers. And the kids are less likely to become over-excited by all the last minute promotions the stores will put on!

An easy Christmas for some would involve very little of the hard work that inevitably occurs for us mums. If you work, you may already be having to book up your Christmas parties for the office. It’s always nice to have someone else do all the cooking, catering and cleaning up. Why not see if you can book a Christmas meal for the family too? If you’re travelling to be with family, this may be the easiest option for you.


It can be difficult to juggle the cooking for a house full of family and guests. Vegetarian cooking is often thought to be easier. But it takes just as much preparation and attention to detail as other meals. Of course, it can be wonderful to see everyone and let the kids lap up all the attention from their favourite relatives. If you’re lucky enough to have people that like to help with the cleaning up, then it can turn into a really great event. 

Of course, it is every parent’s dream to provide the most memorable and awe-inspiring Christmas for their kids. Many choose to take their holiday so they can enjoy a winter break with a Christmas theme for the kids. The trouble is, this can be incredibly expensive. And it’s almost impossible to gauge how your children will react. If they’re absolutely terrified of the jolly Santa or the reindeer, it can be a pretty heartbreaking Christmas.

Most of us have to budget for Christmas each year. The cost of lights, decorations, food, and gifts can really hurt your wallet. It’s so hard to say no to your kids sometimes. And even Santa can’t give them everything! In the warmer months, it’s easy to engage them in garden activities like football, or tending to the patio garden. At the end of December, chances are the weather will be awful, so indoor activities may be best.

We all want the Christmas break to be a wonderful couple of weeks for the kids. It’s not always easy, and sometimes it can be almost impossible to satisfy the little ones. Whether you cook at home or choose the Christmas party approach, make sure you have a little fun yourself too!