3 signs it's time to redecorate

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3 signs its time to redecorate

3 signs it's time to redecorate

Sometimes you can get so familiar with your home decor that you barely even notice it anymore. It all just blends together and you never really think about how it looks or if it's actually decorated the way you want. Eventually, you can find yourself walking into a room and just thinking "wait, did it always look this awful?" Suddenly a room you were so used to can seem dark, drab and dull. Sometimes it's even that obvious, the moment you don't even notice your decor anymore might hint that it's time for a change. Here are three signs that it might be time to redecorate your home.

It feels dark

Sometimes a home doesn't even need to be dark. It just needs to feel dark. Have a look through your home and see if any rooms just don't quite feel like they're getting enough light. A lot of this could be down to the way the room is laid out. Try and think about how you could change it up to create a lighter, more spacious atmosphere. You should also look at the walls. Does the color on the walls actually help the room feel brighter? Or does is suck all the light out of the room and leave it feeling dingy? Just a few quick and simple changes can make such a difference, making the room feel not just lighter, but bigger and cleaner as well.

It's totally dated

When you last decorated, the decor you chose might have felt like the peak of fashions. But time moves on, and now you might look around and wonder why you ever thought that style was a good idea. Not only to times change but people change too. And there's a solid chance that you're not the same person you were when you last decorated. Re-decorating can create an atmosphere that feels much closer to the person you are now. Get rid of that dated wallpaper, shop for bathroom taps to bring some modern flair to your bathroom and change up the colors. Just a few subtle changes can have a massive impact and help bring your home into the modern world.

It doesn't feel grown up

Perhaps you were much younger when you moved in, or maybe you decorated for the kids, and now they're grown. Either way, the house doesn't properly reflect your adult life and the person that you are. Go through your home and figure out what does and doesn't represent you properly. Those posters on your wall? Why not frame them and turn them into mature looking wall art? If you have kids, try to create some more elegant storage solutions for their toys and belongings. Clean out the clutter and let your home breathe. You'll find a style that's right for you, but in order to do that sometimes, you have to take an "out with the old, in with the new" approach.