How to decide to move house or not

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How to decide to move house or not

To move or not to move?  That is the question.

Are you unsure about whether to move house or not? It can be hard, sometimes, to know when it’s time to move on. Moving house is a stressful task, that no one should undergo lightly

If you’re unsure, take the time to consider your options. You don’t want to undertake the task if you don’t need to.

Equally, you don’t want to stay somewhere you’re unhappy, just to avoid the hassle.

Consider these steps to help you make up your mind.

What are your reasons?

You wouldn’t be considering a move if you were happy where you are. Consider, then, what it is about your current house that’s leaving you dissatisfied. Are you unhappy with the layout or design of your current home? Or, are you happy with your house, and finding yourself tempted by a different area?

Whatever your reason, you need to acknowledge it. Once you’ve realised what’s causing your desire, work out whether there's a simpler solution. If you’ve outgrown your decor, you could just change the design of your rooms to freshen things. Even changing the layout of your house can make a big difference.

How to decide to move house or not

Weigh up the pros and cons

If, after deciphering the reason, you’re still unsure about moving, list the pros and cons to both options.
Listing your arguments side by side will help you work through the problem. You’ll be able to compare each point with the argument against it. Take note, while you do this, of what side you naturally lean towards. You’re bound to be biased one way or another, even if you don’t notice it.
While writing your list, consider the disruptions a move could cause. Consider, too, what the new area has to offer that your current location doesn’t. It’s important you work through every point possible, to give each side a fair shot.

Talk to professionals

Talking to professionals can also help you come to a decision. Knowing the financial benefits of moving will help you to keep a realistic idea of your situation. Talk to mortgage advisors and estate agents to see what stead you would be in if you did decide to move. If there’s a financial strain on the idea, it may just push you against moving.

Equally, if the option is viable, it could force you to make the jump. Bear in mind that these professionals have a vested interested in your deciding to move. They'll try to push you towards that decision. Keep your head about you and remember that, at this stage, you’re considering options.


After following these steps, you should have a better idea of whether to move or not. If you still can’t make up your mind, do some research of houses on the market in your chosen area. Look at what that area has to offer, and consider whether it’s better than where you are now. If you’re having a lot of trouble deciding, why not put the idea to bed and return to it when you’re sure?

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How to decide to move house or not