Country cottage decor ideas

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 Country cottage decor ideas

The little extras to add to your home for a country cottage feel

It’s not always that easy to be in love with where you live. You have to put a lot of time, effort and money into making it feel right, and that’s not always possible. In some cases, you might even consider moving to somewhere you feel more at home in. But, that should always be the last resort.

You can transform any home. And, it doesn’t have to be costly either. There are things you can do to add a lovely level of comfort to your home. So if you’ve never really felt ‘at home’ in your house, why not concentrate on giving it that country cottage feel to make yourself feel much more in love with it?

Focus On The Heat

If you’re not feeling comfortable in your home, you need to think about what it is about the house that you don’t like. Chances are, you could feel cold and unwelcome. So, what you’re going to need to do is focus on the warmth. Can you improve your heating system? Maybe you need an upgrade or a fire installing in your main living space? If not, maybe you even need to get your walls insulated to try and keep the heat in. When you’re warm, you’re cosy, and when you’re cosy, you’ll start to feel at home.

Grow Your Own

How do you feel about your outdoor space? It could be that your house isn’t quite living up to your domestic dreams. If that’s the case, try and iron out the issues before you contemplate leaving. If your backyard is bare, try your best to transform it. Either get landscapers in or get green fingered and grow your own. Not only will a gorgeous outdoor space make you smile, but you could also plant pomona fruits and grow fruit trees and strawberry plants in your garden, just like in a real country cottage.

Think About The Layout

Next up, contemplate the way that your house and garden are organised. That could be the whole problem. You might not feel like there is a good flow between rooms or even synergy between the house and garden. If that’s the case, you’re going to want to have a go at reorganising a few of your rooms or even moving things around in the garden.

Add Texture

Maybe the problem is with your interiors and the overall vibe of your decor? If so, why not try to cosy the entire house up? You can add throws and cushions to add a lot more warmth into the home. Try mixing up textures, knits with faux fur, fleece with sheepskin. You might find that you can add a lot more love into the home. Candles are also perfect for adding atmosphere, so they could be an addition to consider.

Stick To Your Style

One of the most important things of all is to listen to your heart. It knows what it wants. If you feel like the decor is all wrong, change it. If the backyard needs completely redoing, redo it. You will know deep down what your house should look like, what accessories you want and the overall feel you want each room to have. So stick to your personal style, and you’ll soon feel a lot better about where you live.