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Toddlertastic Review at Jumptastic Trampoline Park Gloucester

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jumptastic gloucester trampoline park toddler toddlertastic review lifestyl
Boing!  Picture Source

We had the absolute best time two weekends ago when we attended Jumptastic Trampoline Park in Gloucester for the very first time.  Jumptastic had been on my radar for quite a while, perhaps even a year since first hearing about it from the mums at Bella’s old playgroup.  It sounded fantastic – a whole warehouse filled with trampolines attached to one another!  Who doesn’t love bouncing around right?  It certainly makes me feel like a big kid whenever I get on a trampoline or bouncy castle, so this place sounded awesome!

I’d originally tried convincing Ben to go with me on one of our date nights, but these are few and far between and the chance hasn’t yet arisen.  Searching their website one day to show Ben what we’re missing out on, I was amazed to discover they have a Toddlertastic session suitable for under fives!  No way!  This meant we could take both Bella (4) and Reuben (1) together and go as a family to try it out.  Even better!

Toddlertastic Jumptastic blog review gloucester lifestyle blogger uk

Bella was super excited.  We don’t have a trampoline in the garden and she has been asking for one so we must get one next year.  The excitement didn’t fade when we got there either!  Bella is often quite shy in new places and situations and takes a while to settle in, but not here!  She was running around totally hyper and loving every second!  Boinging from trampoline to trampoline and even jumping into the foam pit!

Reuben had an absolute whale of a time.  The huge parachute material was draped over one of the vertical trampolines and he couldn’t clamber up fast enough to keep sliding down the super slippy slide it created!

Ben and I also had tons of fun!  There was plenty of room for everyone there so we got to bounce around a fair amount too!  I love the feeling of butterflies it creates in my stomach and it gave me a bit of a silly high!  It’s the funniest and most fun thing we’ve done in a long while and it was great to do our first activity as a family of four which we could all enjoy.

I really want to go back for a date night with just Ben so we can boing around unrestricted without the young children there, but we’ll also go back for Toddlertastic in the New Year as it was so much fun for everyone.   We couldn’t stop talking about it all day!

I’m sure there are plenty more trampoline parks across the country, so why not find one near you?