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Why I rang the police (for the first time) to report some youths

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Why I rang the police (for the first time) to report some youths

Where are your children at 8.30pm?  Read on to see why I rang the police to report some children!

Gosh that makes me feel ancient – being able to use the word youths!  I’ve never rang the police before, so I wasn’t even sure who to ring or whether I should.  Whilst driving home from work recently, around 8.30pm in the pitch black, I saw a group of what appeared to be young teenagers or perhaps younger hanging out on the side of the dual carriageway.  Yep, a dual carriage way with cars flying by at 70mph and no doubt even faster!  Not only was the sight of them enough to make me look twice to check I wasn’t imagining it and to see what was going on, but they were balancing on the barrier between the road and grass verge.  A two foot high, if that, type metal barrier right next to the road!  IDIOTS!

I quite literally could not believe what I had seen.  It was so incredibly dangerous, not only for them, but for distracting the drivers who are whizzing past at such speed.  Not only is it so idiotic to be next to a dual carriageway on the part where only cars are allowed and there are no paths or footways, but they were balancing on a tiny barrier which they could have fallen off and into the road!

As soon as I got home I told my husband Ben and pondered for a second over whether it was something I should trouble the police with.  I’ve never called the police before.  Images of newspapers reporting a ran-over child flashed into my head and I knew I had to call them as what they were doing was so unsafe.  I mean, who hangs out for fun next to a dual carriageway?  Where did their parents think they were?  How did they get there?  I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have dared walk alongside or hang out next to a busy dual carriageway when younger, even if I’d had the chance!

I wasn’t sure whether it was a 999 emergency, so called 101 instead.  The operator did seem very concerned about this, especially when I explained which stretch of road I was on.  As I reported it her system let her know the police had just attended the incident.  She told me it was all being taken care of and to her disbelief (and mine) there were children as young as EIGHT years old there!  Crikey!  I would never have been allowed out on my own at age eight and especially not in the dark on a school night.  I’d have been tucked up in bed way before 8.30pm, not playing around by a 70mph road.  I hope the children were immediately escorted home and the parents petrified of what could have been.  I hope my children will never grow up to do something so dangerous.

I’m pleased I reported the incident and next time I won’t hesitate to call 101 for such a hazardous sight.  It’s still on my mind as I just cannot believe what I witnessed and the young age of the children found.

Have you ever called the police for something bizarre you’ve seen?