The ideal cottage-style garden made easy: tips for DIY amateurs *

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The ideal cottage-style garden made easy tips for DIY amateurs

Do you dream of a beautiful cottage-style countryside house? For many homeowners, the image of a cottage is the definition of a homely house. While there are naturally a few tips to make your house more cottage-like and more homely, it is also a good thing to start by your garden and give it a cottage upgrade for the best! After all, your garden is an essential part of your home, and you wouldn’t want to encounter negative feelings as you look outside. So here is a little guide for amateur gardener to create a cottage-style garden.

The Ideal Cottage-Style Garden Made Easy: Tips For DIY Amateurs  *

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Plan One Step At A Time

It is easy to see big and want to dig the entire garden up to start a masterpiece inspired by Shakespeare’s garden, or Versailles, but you need to refrain yourself from wanting too much at once. If you are new to gardening, it is important to start by reading about plants in order to pick easily manageable flowers and herbs, such as a little rose bush or even a lavender bush for example. As you read about plants, you will also discover that not every plant is suitable for every terrain and every position. As a rule of the thumb a rich soil is best for all types of vegetation, and consequently, if this is your first time as a gardener, you will need to look for organic soil to provide the earth with sufficient nutrients. Remember that your garden will use the organic nutrients to create a richer soil for the future, so this is a long-term investment!

Set The Right Décor

Cottage gardens are peaceful and soothing: They are places where it is nice to sit down and contemplate life. Consequently, they are places that need to provide you with the right décor for contemplation, such as a little pond for a wildlife feel. Make sure to always use proper Pond Liners as otherwise your pond could go empty and soak your garden. Once, you have placed the pond, remember that a place of contemplation will need a nice little bench for you to sit outside and enjoy the view. Why should you only enjoy the view, you ask. This is a fair question, and this is also the last element in the décor settings: Aromatic plants, such as lavender for example, will help relax your mind and forget your stressful routine. Thyme is also known for its soothing properties, so don’t hesitate to add a nice bush of it in your garden!

The Ideal Cottage-Style Garden Made Easy: Tips For DIY Amateurs  *

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Cottage Gardens Are Purposeful: Make Yours Useful

Cottage gardens are not only pretty and calming, they also serve a purpose. The plants in there are useful for everyday life. This means that you could start a little vegetable corner in the garden to grow your own tomatoes or beans, for example. If vegetables are too much work, you could choose cooking herbs instead, such as mint, fennel, basil, sage, rosemary, and many more! Herbs are more easier to manage and they are the guarantee of delicious stews every single time! If your garden is big enough, add a fruit tree as this will give you the possibility to make yummy jams in season. In the context of jams, it is impossible not to mention the delicate rose petal jam that can be made with most types of rose.