Is there such a thing as vegetarian food in Poland?

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Is there such a thing as vegetarian food in Poland

Is there such a thing as vegetarian food in Poland strawberry soup

I’ve never visited before, but one day I’d love to find a cheap holiday to Poland and explore the cities such as Warsaw and Krakow.  The architecture looks beautiful; I’d even go as far as saying it’s quite pretty.  If you love castles, Poland has over 100 ready for you to explore.  Away from the popular cities the scenery doesn’t look like it will disappoint with its incredible mountains, lakes and wooden lodges scattered about.    It’s renowned for its super cheap prices and it’s not that far away at all, only two and a half hours by plane and there are always incredible cheap deals online.

The only trouble I find I have when I do travel to Europe is whether restaurants are vegetarian friendly.  Being vegetarian in Europe can sometimes make me feel a bit like an alien.  Many people seem to have no concept of the idea at all.  Someone once replied ‘oh yes, I’m vegetarian too, I eat vegetables’.  Turned out they actually ate meat with those vegetables!  One time, in Florence, I was served a plate of sliced plain aubergine. Apparently that’s all they could muster up for an awkward veggie like me.

Is vegetarianism a thing in Poland?

Inspired by this guide to Poland’s regional food I decided to scour the web to see what Poland’s take on vegetarianism is.    As I thought, it’s pretty non-existent.  Though according to Wikipedia, 3.2% of Polish people are vegetarian.  How accurate this data is or how they find out, I don’t know.  I have no idea how anyone official would know I’m a vegetarian as I’m sure it’s not a question on a census?  In the same article it says 2-12% of the UK are vegetarian – quite a large range really.  But if the lower 2% were true then Poland could have more vegetarians than us, yet I have struggled to find much about the very subject of vegetarianism being much of a trend in Poland at all.  Most articles seem to be about the struggle of vegetarians when eating in Poland, but surely there are plenty of side dishes that don’t contain meat?

As the infographic below shows there are lots of meat themed dishes, as I expected, but there is also a surprising amount of food that seems totally fine for us veggies.  The strangest of these being a strawberry soup (Zupa Truskawkowa); totally bizarre, right?  I do love a strawberry smoothie though and I like sour cream so perhaps it’s not too strange?  I’ve seen images of it served with pasta online though which is a little too strange for me! 

I don’t eat sugary foods, but if I did I’d give the Polish ‘tree cake’ (Sekacz) a whirl!  Doesn’t it look fabulous!  I’ve never seen anything like it.  What a great centrepiece for a get together.  I was almost drooling over the description of their ‘zupa cebulowa’ which I think is their version of French onion soup or quite similar?  I’ve never actually tried French onion soup, believe it or not, so tell me if I’m wrong!  This Polish version has fried onions, noodles and lots of delicious gooey egg yolk (I think the egg yolk is what’s selling it to me, yum!).

Have you been to Poland?  Is there much choice there for vegetarians?