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5 Annoying Things My Husband Does!

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A non extensive list of hubby's annoying habits

Before I start let me just say, sorry Ben!  I’m sure it’s not just you.  Just men are different.  I’ve spoken to friends and it seems their husbands do the same or similar!  I’m sure I’m annoying most of the time too; after all I am a woman!  But these things have been bugging me recently. 

Here are five things my husband does all the time which are super annoying:

4 Annoying Things My Husband Does on the Lylia Rose UK lifestyle blog

  1. Doesn’t change the toilet roll – time and time again I go to the bathroom to be faced with an empty toilet roll or even more annoyingly a new toilet roll on top of the empty toilet roll. Just change it!
  2. Shoes next to the shoe mat – we have a mat in our hallway to put shoes on to save putting them on the laminate floor.  My husband likes to put his next to the mat.  I’m starting to think he does it because it winds me up!
  3. Leaves things on the drainer forever – I tested him with this recently.  He washed up some paint brushes and left them on the drainer by the sink.  I knew he was waiting for ME to put them away.  So I didn’t.  I thought, I wonder how long until he puts his stuff away.  Answer = never.  After about 6 weeks I gave in and told him to put them away!
  4. Puts recycling next to the sink – perhaps he thinks every little bit of it needs washing up, but it doesn’t.  Just put it in the recycling bag we have!  That’s all I do when I see it.
  5. Won’t put my clothes away – even though I do all his washing, if I don’t have time to put our clothes away before going to work and ask him to do it, there will always be a little pile of mine left.  Apparently he doesn’t know where my clothes go.  In the other side of our shared wardrobe is probably a good guess...

Does your husband/boyfriend do anything annoying like this?  Let me know in the comments!