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Blue Monday: The most depressing day of the year (for some)

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Are you feeling extra blue today?

Today is ‘Blue Monday’.  This is supposedly the most depressing day of the year and I’ve seen no end of mentions all over the internet.  Yawn.

I personally think they should change the date.  The most depressing day for me had to be the day we all returned to work and school after our Christmas break.  Back to alarm clocks dinging in my ears all day long to remind me when to pick the children up, after school activities, go to work and get up.  The realisation Christmas is over and it’s now the long wait for the summer.  I think Christmas keeps us going for the first part of winter and takes our focus off the cold dreary weather and dark evenings. 

Blue Monday The most depressing day of the year for some Lylia Rose UK Life

Though with that said, I must admit I quite liked to get back into a routine!  I’m much more productive in the mornings and felt totally out of sync waking up even one hour later each day!

Well I actually don’t feel that blue today.  It’s just another day.  It’s a Monday which is always kind of depressing, if you let it be.  According to Wikipedia there’s even a calculation to prove the third Monday of January is the most depressing day.  OK.  Whatever.

According to the Telegraph today it could be the bluest ever.  Again – where do they get this nonsense?  They even have a countdown until it’s over (as if tomorrow is magically going to be any different) and say it’s the most ‘depressing ever because of celebrity deaths, anxiety over Brexit, and fears about a Donald Trump presidency in the US’.  I’m pretty sure everyone is feeling anxious about all that anyway, not just today.

What do you think?  Do you believe all the media hype?  Are you feeling extra blue just today?