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Proud Mummy: Encouraging My Daughter to Swim

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Goodbye Mummy Guilt

I am so pleased to write this blog post after just three swimming lessons.  The difference between Bella’s first swimming lesson and 3rd swimming lesson (which she had this morning) really is like night and day.  If you haven’t read the first post it’s here:  Mummy Guilt: Forcing My Daughter to Swim

After that first lesson only two weeks ago, I felt terribly guilty as I watched Bella cry all lesson.  But I also felt swimming is an important life skill to learn.  I also know Bella’s nature and even if we waited two, three, five years, she’d still be crying in that first lesson and nervous of the pool on every swimming trip/holiday until this.  If she was absolutely terrified or had a genuine phobia I also trust the swimming teacher would be trained to know this and would let me know.  They teach children 7 days a week at the pool I chose and seem very experienced.

Update Mummy Guilt Forcing My Daughter to Swim lylia rose lifestyle uk blog

The second week was a lot better.  She was fine travelling to the pool and got changed without fuss, but suddenly had a wobble and started crying when the teacher came to collect her from me at the collection point.  The teacher swiftly took her and though I felt a pang of guilt again, I knew she’d be fine.  The second lesson went much better, a few tears and panics when she was not being held by the swimming teacher (she did have several floats and arm bands!), but she looked much happier.  When I collected her she had a big smile and said ‘Mummy, look, I’m smiling!’

This morning Bella had her third lesson.  She’s been off school for four days this week as she was so poorly, so I thought she would really not be up for swimming.  Surprisingly this morning the first thing she asked was ‘Mummy, where’s my swimming bag?’  She wanted to get dressed into her swimming costume under her clothes ready for swimming, without even being asked or reminded!  Amazing! 

Once at the collection point she took her teacher’s hand and waved ‘Bye Mum!’  I couldn’t believe it!  There were no tears and she was even trying to swim (with floats) by herself to grab a duck the teacher had thrown across the pool.  Incredible!

I really can’t believe the change in her confidence in just 3 lessons.  Literally 1.5 hours in the pool as each lesson is only half hour long.  I’m so amazed and had gushes of proud mummy feelings the whole lesson rather than pangs of mummy guilt.  I’m incredibly proud of her and so pleased I decided to stick with my instincts.