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My failed attempt at Bounce and Rhyme

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ALWAYS take a nappy with you

I’ve been feeling lots of mummy guilt lately as I don’t do much with Reuben.  With Bella things were a bit different as I had lots of friends with the same age baby, but I don’t with Reuben.  He’s always stuck at home just with me!  Usually this can’t be helped as I work from home too.  With Bella I took her to Tumble Tots, Stay & Play and Bounce & Rhyme regularly – at least once a week and sometimes all three!

I made a decision to take Reuben to Bounce & Rhyme today to see if he enjoys it.  He’s started signing more lately and loves musical instruments.  I’ve got a ton to do, but really feel Reuben needs to do something more each week other than be at home, and it’s only half hour so I’ll try my best to make this a weekly activity for us.

Well, I did try today, but failed. 

Rule number one – ALWAYS take a nappy with you!

ALWAYS take a nappy with you Lylia Rose UK Lifestyle Blog Post

After dropping Bella at school I went for my usual morning walk and picked up some groceries from Tesco.  We got back just after 10 and once I’d put the shopping away it was almost 10.15.  Bounce and Rhyme starts at 10.30.  It’s a 10-15 minute walk, so rather than get there feeling all rushed I decided to take the car.  I needed petrol too, so could kill two birds with one stone.

As we left the house I thought for a moment about packing a nappy.

Naaaaah, I’ll only be half hour, I’m sure it will be fine.  I won’t even wear a coat.  Let’s just go.

As we drove we were ten minutes early, so Reuben had a look at the kids books.  It soon started filling up with parents.  It’s a really popular Bounce & Rhyme with around 20-30 parents.  The one I used to go to with Bella was lucky to have 3 parents! 

Then Reuben squatted.

Uh oh.

Reuben has the stinkiest poos.  There was no way we could stay and deal with it after.

So, before the singing even started, I dashed out the door past all the parents looking like a right weirdo and left.  There were lots of mums from the school there too.  They probably think I’m so strange.


I thought about popping into the Co-op to get nappies, but I’d just bought a huge new pack yesterday.

We’ll just try again next week!