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Don’t beep at me if YOU’RE breaking the law!

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A rant about speeding drivers who beep at me

I noticed someone in their 30s pass their driving test recently as they’d tweeted about it.  Then quite soon after they tweeted about how stressful it was on the roads because of other impatient drivers. 

Yep, welcome to the world of driving!

I can’t go one day without seeing an idiotic driver or someone winding me up when I am driving.  It’s probably the thing that stresses me out the most.  It even beats when my kids are whinging and screaming at me!


This beeping thing has really been getting on my nerves recently.  It’s happened around three times in quite a short space of time. 

On my drive to work there’s a horrible hill junction at the end of a country lane.  I’m coming up a steep hill wanting to turn right onto the next road, so hill starts at the ready!  The road I’m turning onto is also a hill.  To the left the cars are coming down the hill around a corner, to the right they are coming up the hill around a corner.  So visibility is pretty poor.  The road they are on is 30mph.  To the left of me, about 20 metres up the road it changes to 60mph.

Do you think the cars are doing 30mph past where I’m trying to come out on a steep hill start?

No.  Of course they aren’t.

They either haven’t slowed down to 30 and are still whizzing down, or they know it’s changing to 60 so have sped up already.  Or they are total idiots and just do 60 in a 30 zone regardless.

This makes it a nightmare to turn out of this road.  Especially if you want to turn right, like me. You can end up waiting there for hours.

As I also drive back home this way I know cars have plenty of time to turn out as soon as they see me if I am doing 30.  So I know as soon as I see headlights coming from the right and the left is clear I have enough time to pull out.  IF they are doing 30 miles per hour.

It’s a busy road and there are always cars, so you can’t just sit waiting for no cars.  You'll be there forever.

THREE times I’ve been beeped at recently for turning right when a car is coming from my right.  I go when I know there is a safe distance if they are doing 30, literally as soon as I see their headlights before I see the car.  If they were doing 30 then 2 cars could probably pull out of where I am.

What is irritating me the most is they are beeping at me when they are speeding and breaking the law!  If they were doing 30 I’d have plenty of time to pull out.  I know, because I drive this route twice every single day.

So if you are going to break the law and speed, do not beep at people like me who are trying to pull out of a tricky junction which you are making more difficult and dangerous by speeding.