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Reuben is so cute! Nursery settling in update

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How my one year old is settling in at nursery

I write this just after I've collected Reuben from his third proper morning at nursery.  It’s his 5th time there, but the first two times were just 1-1.5 hours of settling in sessions.  Each of the three times I’ve dropped him off there have been tears and lots of mummy guilt.

*insert sad mummy face*


Reuben is so cute!  Nursery settling in update on the Lylia Rose UK lifestyle blog


They text me to let me know how he is and say he stops crying the instant I’ve gone so that's always been reassuring. 

He even sits down and helps himself to a second breakfast (he’s already had breakfast at home).  Hungry boy!  He does love toast though.  It’s one of his favourite things and he loves to say it 'toast, toast, toast'.  Perhaps he keeps saying it and they keep feeding him some!

Today I felt so proud when I picked him up.

I peeped through the glass part of the door to see what he was doing before entering.  I always love to see him play without knowing I'm there.  It's so cute to watch him play! 

Usually when I enter, he’ll stop doing whatever he’s doing immediately and say ‘Mama!’ run over and grab my hand to get out of there!  Today was different. 

He was sat playing with some sand and I crept in.  He looked up and saw me, but carried on playing! 

He looked so cute carefully scooping up sand with a tiny spoon and pouring it into a cup.  Once he had lots in the cup he’d pour it into a bigger cup.  He said to me ‘look’ and pointed at all his little new friends as if to introduce me.

I’m so pleased he’s getting on well at nursery.  They said he got involved with everything today whereas he’d understandably been a little wary the first few weeks.  Hopefully he’ll stop crying at drop off soon, but I don’t feel too guilty about it now as I know he’s fine the instant I’m gone.