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Never do this, or your house will STINK!

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What not to do to your houseplants...

So I thought I was being really clever.

I’ve been buying lots of houseplants lately.  Five in the past week!  So I now have nine in total.  We have two large(ish) ones in the living room which are new.  I watered them for the first time a couple of days ago.

Yesterday I thought our living room really stank.

Really badly.

never do this or your house will stink vegetable water house plants lylia r

It smelt as though I’d left a dirty nappy of Reuben’s in there! I searched high and low, which is not hard as it’s very minimal in there, and couldn’t see anything.  Maybe it was just from one of Reuben’s poos from earlier I thought.  So I left the window open and lit a candle for a while.

We were out for the evening for a few hours for my mum’s birthday and I told Ben about the smell.  When we got back Ben opened the living room door and ‘phwoarrrrrr’ he said.  It still stunk!

‘Maybe Reuben has hidden some food in here and it’s rotting’ I said.

We pulled out the sofas, but surprisingly there was barely anything under them aside from a couple of Lego pieces.  We must have hoovered under them not long ago.

What the hell is that smell?! I thought, baffled.

Then I realised what it might be.

‘I did water the plants with left over vegetable water in the pan the other day.  I thought it might be really good for them…’

Ben stuck his head to the soil of one and took a big sniff.

‘PHWOARRRR that stinks.  That’s it!’


Lesson: never water indoor plants with cooled down left over broccoli and cauliflower water. 

If you do then your house will stink for days of cauliflower which really resembles a baby poo stink!