How to love yourself + others

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Life can bring so much joy and pain. It's rather cruel isn't it? It can grant our dreams and take them away.

That's why it's so important to be yourself and be ok in the meantime. If you can ride the wave of life, love yourself and respect others - you will be ok no matter what life throws your way. 

Feelings are hard things to manage. They let us know if we are loved and are the gut instincts that protect us.

Be present and live in the now.

You need to learn to respect and embrace all feelings as one, rather than discarding the negative. Respect the negative feelings as what they are before moving forward into positive times.

Don't judge yourself or others.

If you are feeling down about something, learn about why you're feeling the way you are. Don't avoid responsibility for pain. Understand your emotions and process them duely.

If you are going through phases of guilt, anxiety, and depression, get on top of it all. Ask yourself why you are feeling the way you do and give the answer room to breathe as it will come from inside you.

Explore the wounds and understand the fears.

Question your feelings and don't be afraid of the answers.

It's not always about how you can feel love, but what can you do to love yourself?

Well, you can treat your body the way it deserves to be treated. Don't disrespect it. Now, you might not be the type to pump iron at the gym, but a little fitness can't hurt. Keep the blood flowing with some basic cardio - walking or light running. Some minor weights are a good idea as well. Tone your body for a slimmer look - but this has to come from the mind first.

It's pointless having a great body if your mind is unhealthy. You should pursue the fitness hobbies you enjoy - don't toil at the ones you are struggling with if you can get exercise in a way that suits you.

Learn to respect the opinions and feelings of others and always be kind and considerate. There's nothing wrong with an open mind, but you should always try to put yourself in the shoes of someone else from time to time and be open to lending a hand.

Work on yourself first, but helping others is rewarding work in itself. The other side of this is that there's no problem with letting people in - if you need help or advice, open up - no matter if it's listening to a site like Astrostyle or talking to a close friend - every little helps and you've got no reason to shut off.

If you learn to love, respect and cherish yourself - nothing can stop you and you'll find relationships more fruitful.

Don't let life get you down!