Supermum: multitasking skills put at work *

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Thinking of returning to work after taking time to be a mum?  Your parenting juggling skills are more desirable than you think!

Mum? More like supermum.  As supermums take care of themselves, their families and the day-to-day with kids their strengths only shine.  One of the most common skills mums are known for is multitasking.  In a survey of 1,256 Mumsnet users (all mothers with at least one child), it was found that these mums spend nearly every waking hour multitasking. 46% of women say they are constantly juggling multiple tasks throughout the day, while 62% say they multitask at least once every hour. 

Imagine a day that you juggled two, three, or five things at once. Maybe you prepared dinner while reading to your child.  Or maybe you did some online supermarket shopping to save some money with discounts while you were in line at the postal office while giving your baby a bottle.  

Multi-tasking may be a norm for you, but it is not for many other people.  Being a multi-tasking mum means that you also naturally gained and enhanced other skills and habits that are very sought after in the working world. 

However, many mums worry that re-entering the workforce means trying to jump back in a game that may have changed since they were last in, but you may be more ready than you may think!  

For example, as a dedicated mum you constantly coordinate schedules along with being realistic about what you can achieve.  Football practices, supermarket runs, carpool days and laundry days are only some of the activities that require serious time management.

That calendar you have with all the adjustments for little hiccups not only shows your time management skills but also your flexibility.  If football practice gets cancelled, your 4 year old is in the middle of a tantrum and you have another appointment to run to, what do you do?

You think on your feet and make it work.  There are your critical thinking skills. 

The skills and habits acquired as a mum will make you a great asset for any company in the work world.  These qualities are highly requested by companies operating in grocery store and supermarket industry, it’s enough to take a look at the descriptions of jobs offered by Morrisons.  

Problem solver, dedicated, flexible, are just some of the qualities and skills essential to do a good job as well as successfully run a household.  Your multi-tasking skills and familiarity with how to manage a budget could be extremely helpful if you are after a customer service as well as management position. 

Being a wonderful supermum for your family could open doors and if you choose, can be put at work for the work-family at any company!