Will you grow old with grace? Or have a sneaky injection here and there?

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HELP!  I’m turning into a man!

I have just had to pull out no less than five dark and quite thick hairs from my chin. 

What is going on?

Is this something that happens when you enter your 30s?

Do you start turning into a man?

If I leave them, will a beard grow?  I’m tempted to see, but then again I’m not that tempted.

HELP! I’m turning into a man!
Ok, not quite, but maybe when I'm in my 40s?!

Why won’t they just stop growing?  I realise now this must be why women have chin waxes.  I’m sure I’ve seen a chin wax on a list at a beauty salon before.

I’m freaking out.  Tell me this is normal and not just me!

Growing old gracefully

Isn’t growing old funny, how we change and age and look so different.  I always thought I’d age with grace and stay natural, but now it’s beginning to happen and the lines and wrinkles are setting in, I’m seriously considering some Botox!

I saw a comedian/journalist type lady on the recent Faces documentary thingy (which is really good to watch by the way, not just for vain people as hubby first thought) say she had a RBF.  Well, I have one too.  I’d never heard the phrase before, but it suits me to the ground.  It means Resting Bitch Face.

Bah ha ha!

I’m getting wrinkles in the two front vertical frown lines, just between my eyes and above my nose.  Ben always asks ‘why are you so grumpy?’



‘Why are you frowning at me?’

Do you want a divorce. . .

When I’m deep in concentration I do frown and those lines are there.  Problem is, they now stay there even when I’m not frowning.

So I look permanently frowny and moody.  Great!  Just the look I was going for. . frowny RBF

I do wonder if I’ll ever go down the route of Botox or similar just in these frown lines.  I’d like a more welcoming friendly face for a few more years please!  It worries me it will go wrong though, like those people who have injections in their lips and they balloon!  I don’t fancy that look in the middle of my forehead either.

What do you think?  Will you grow old gracefully or will you happily have procedures?




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  1. Yep. I started sprouting one hair on my chin and I'm 24 :) It seems to happen to us all!

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  2. Judith Hamilton

    If it's any consolation to post menopausal ladies, I've gone the other way and now have less body hair than ever in my life since I was 11.

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  3. Theresa Alison

    I feel the pain of being in the 40's and always noticing hairs where I hate them to be ( on my face ) . I've aged with grace I take it all on the chin hehe ( that's where the hairs are!! ) lol

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  4. Wendy England

    Haha! This gave me a chuckle as its so relatable. I too suffer from stray chin hairs, don't even get me started on my lady tash. I'm blonde though so I think only I can see them. It doesn't stop me shaving or plucking them though. Whenever I try to put makeup over them it looks so bad. I'm in my thirties too so maybe it is an age thing, boo hiss. :)

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  5. lol Yeah, this is quite normal; I remember the same panic when I found my first chin hair. I started getting them around the same time. Now in my mid forties, I also discovered I have PCOS and with that comes excess facial hair... the PCOS beard lol Chin hairs, however, I think most women get. I've waxed, plucked, shaved, creamed. I now just shave & dermaplane at the same time. Kill two birds with one stone. :D VICTORIA --->>> Haha! Thanks, I'm glad I'm normal :) I haven't heard of dermaplane? Off to investigate...

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