Can we just ban cold callers now please?

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Why are door to door sales still legal?

I cannot believe in 2017 cold callers are still legal.  Just today I had someone knock on the door even though I have a rather polite notice saying ‘NO COLD CALLERS’.  What’s wrong with them?  The number of cold callers who do knock on the door has considerably decreased since I put up the sign, but there are still at least two per month who think it doesn’t apply to them.  Or they don’t know they are a cold caller.  Should probably research their job description a little better.

One knocked on the door today. Arg.

can we just ban cold callers now please lylia rose blog uk

I should probably just open the door and ask them if they can read.

Or try to sell them something from my own shop.  Play them at their own game.

Today I saw them coming up the drive from my office window.  They must have seen me.  I was sat by the window with the light on typing away.  I decided I wasn’t going to make the effort to tell them to go away and just ignored the door instead.  He probably wondered what I was doing.  Well, if he can’t read…

Ben would have been proud.

Usually I get stuck at the door with them for ages as they don’t let you turn them away or even get a word in edgeways, and Ben will come to the door and shut it abruptly!

I get too worried they may come back and let my tyres down or something, but then I’m sure they're used to lots of doors being slammed in their face, so we’re just one of many.

We put the sign up about a year after moving into our house.  I’ve never lived anywhere with so many cold callers.  Sometimes four in a week.  It really started to pee me off when I had Reuben and would put him down from a feed because I thought the postman was at the door.  Or they’d knock so loudly it would wake him up from a nap.  Go away you annoying people!

I’m so surprised this marketing tactic still works.  It must do for them to keep doing the rounds.  It annoys me a lot because I think of vulnerable people.  People who think what they’re being told is really so amazing that they sign up for it all.  Or even just the people who can’t say no.

When I was about 18 and living in a shared flat I got home from work one day to two suited men leaving.  Turns out my housemate let them in and signed us up for a new electricity provider.  Not because she wanted to, but because they were pushy and she didn’t know how to say no.  She didn’t want to be rude.  I was straight on the phone cancelling this as we were actually perfectly happy with our existing provider.

I also hate how they think they own the place.  I looked out the window earlier and could see Mr clipboard man strolling down the road.  I mean actually walking along the middle of the road.  USE THE PAVEMENT like normal people you idiot.  Waltzing down the road like he owned it.

Why is this practice not banned yet?



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  1. Nuala R

    Totally agree and I'm sure they shouldn't be knocking when you have a sign saying go away.

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  2. Charlie Brunton

    I definitely agree that it should be banned! I'm like you because I always get stuck at the door, too polite to say no!

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  3. Charlotte McConnell

    I am lucky I live somewhere where we don't get cold callers! We have only had one since we moved in and just said, we are already on the lowest energy tariff and provider for our area and they said thanks for your time and left. It is the constant phone calls that I can't stand! It is much easier to hang up the phone though!

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  4. Michelle Wild

    I had no idea about this or indeed telephone callers, until I stopped working. my poor mother was bombarded and whilst we're on the subject the type of adverts during the day is really appalling all aimed to extract money from the aged, it's disgusting.

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  5. Samantha O'D

    I find it really annoying, i try to ignore as many as possible but get caught at times

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