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How to buy designer clothes for a lot less

If you’re anything like me then you may have turned to the supermarket clothes section to satisfy your fashion needs.  I used to always shop on the High Street, but since becoming a mum I have less money (and time) to spend on myself and convenience always comes first. 

However, sometimes it’s just nice to have a luxury designer item.  Upmarket clothes and jewellery are of a higher quality and can last forever.  We may not have the wallet to fill our wardrobes to the brim with designer gear, but it is still possible to get a few luxury key pieces we desire for less. 

Here are five great ways to get designer clothes at a discount: 


5 ways to get luxury items for less


Charity shops

Your local charity shop is a great place to start browsing for designer goods.  With donations coming in all the time you’ll never know what you may find and the stock will constantly be refreshed.  You’ll also be supporting a good cause in the process.

Designer discount stores

There are specific stores which sell ‘out of season’ and surplus designer stock such as TKMaxx.  Here you can browse rail upon rail of old designer stock and pay a fraction of the original price.  These goods are new too, so you’ll really be treating yourself to a bargain.


eBay has it all – new, discounted, pre-owned designer clothes and even goods with slight defects.  You’ll find no end of designer goods for sale here.  Why not try your luck at bidding on high end pieces?  You may just win!  Some companies even allow you to make offers on their stock so you can barter for a better price.

Pre-owned websites

Make use of specialist websites which sell pre owned designer goods.  You could get a second hand Panerai or another second hand watch for a fraction of the original price.  There are even websites where you can rent a designer gown or jewels for a special occasion and return them afterwards.  This could be the perfect solution for a one off event. 

Swap with friends

If you can’t afford to buy several pieces of designer items, why not collaborate with your friends and buy one item each, then swap every so often?  Or when you’re feeling bored of your wardrobe arrange a swapping party.  This is a great way of getting rid of the pieces you no longer wear and walking away with a refreshed wardrobe for yourself!  You may even end up with that item you’ve been eyeing up on your friend for all those years.

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  1. Charity shops are so good for getting designer gear especially if you shop in charity shops where there's a higher chance of designer labels.

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  2. sharon catterall

    im just like you ,i like to get clothes bargains at tesco and asda,you can get some really good bargains at your local supermarket. ebay is also a good place to get bargains as well,lots of used things still have a lot of life left in them.i bought a pair of boots once though and within a week the heel fell of,so now i make sure i read the sellers feedback first before i bit haha

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  3. Irene Wright

    Love a bargain and shop on ebay regularly. The Charity Shops in this area are too greedy. If something 'nice' comes in, they UP the price to nearly new prices. When you take into account the goods are donated, the price they charge on some of them are just not worth it.

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  4. Sirley Young

    I love eBay for both selling and buying :)

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  5. MARGARET gallagher

    Winning ways for me love hunting out a bargain

    Posted on

  6. Amanda tanner

    I'm really becoming an ebay addict at the moment especially selling stuff. Love hearing the cash till noise when I sell something. Gives me money then to buy new clothes

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  7. Karenina

    Charity shops for the win!

    Posted on

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