Home improvements for the warmer months

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The warmer weather is finally around the corner - although it still feels a million years away some days. One of the many reasons that spring and summer are so amazing, alongside the beautiful flowers and trips to the beach is that you can finally get those DIY home decor jobs done that have been hanging over you all winter. Not only does the warmer weather bring you more energy to undertake these tasks, but it makes it a whole lot more comfortable to work outside, turn off the boiler, or fling the windows open.

Here are four home changes to make before the weather cools back down again. 

Get the warmth ready for winter

While many interior jobs can be done over the winter, there are a few that should wait for the summer. If you’re looking at getting your boiler refitted, or some stunning designer radiators installed, it’s a job best left for summer. Keeping the heating turned off for a few hours in the winter probably isn’t desirable unless you have to, so it’s a good warm weather job.

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Spruce up the facade

After the batterings that our homes take from the winter weather, a bit of TLC before the next battering a few months later is definitely in order. Repainting the outside woodwork, including doors and eaves, will help to weather proof it for the following winter, but it also adds curb appeal to your home. This means that as you’re travelling back up your street on your way home from work, you’ll actually feel proud to turn off into your driveway. Getting the roof seen to if any tiles have worked themselves loose in the high winds of the last few weeks is also necessary to keep your home waterproof, especially with those April showers on the way.

Gloss the woodwork

Painting interior rooms is a job that can comfortably be done in the winter, but for gloss, you’re going to want to open those windows. The fumes from gloss paint can be seriously headache-inducing, so you don’t want to be doing it in an enclosed space.

Make your garden happy

Is there anything more therapeutic than a few hours in the garden? Weeding between the slabs, painting the garden fence, planting new bulbs for beautiful flowers, and even mowing the lawn means that you can stand back and feel proud of your handiwork.

With the chance for barbecues and garden parties on the horizon, getting these things done late in spring means you can take advantage of the surprise good weather we have, before it blows over. A few things will need to be done in winter, such as pruning certain hedges while they’re dormant, and planting some bulbs in time for spring, but for the most part, summer is the gardener’s dream.

Home improvements can be made all year round, but some are more season-specific than others, if only for comfort. Gardening and painting the outside of the home is just the perfect excuse to get out in the warm weather, but also to create something beautiful of which you can be proud.

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