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3 Kids Craft Subscription Boxes for Under 5s (try 2 for free)

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Keep your kids entertained with creative subscription craft boxes

While some of the latest craze of subscription craft boxes may seem a bit useless unless you are a hoarder of things, some boxes are actually a really great idea.  Two of my favourite useful subscription boxes are healthy food snack boxes and children's craft boxes.  Children's craft subscriptions are a great way to encourage your child to be creative, use their imagination and have a lot of fun in the process!  Here are three fantastic craft boxes for young children (two of which you can try absolutely free).

3 Great Craft Subscription Boxes for Kids try for free toucan box sassy kid

Toucan Box

I was a big fan of the Toucan Box with Bella and will definitely look to do another kids craft box with Reuben once he’s a little older. We had this box for 1-2 years with Bella until we’d done the whole lot!  Bella always got so excited when her box arrived and immediately wanted to open it up and get cracking!  Read my full review by clicking here.

One of the best things about these subscriptions is there is no commitment, you can cancel your subscription at any time, but I’m pretty sure your child will love the boxes!

Click below to get a free Toucan Box.  

Sassy Kids Box & Sassy Bloom

We had great fun trying a couple of Sassy Boxes for review on my blog.  Bella loved them and still mentions them now, months after, as she remembers them.   The Sassy Kids Box is for children over 3 and contains a craft with some bonus activities too!  We had super fun playing the popcorn games together.

If you have a child under 3 the same company have a Sassy Bloom box.  It’s filled with fun activities for your child based on their age and development, as well as treats for mum and personalised goodies.  The little ones don’t have to miss out on the subscription fun either!

I’ve penned a couple of reviews of these boxes before.  Read one by clicking here.

Mister Maker

This looks awesome!  I may just have to get Reuben this box when he’s old enough.  Both of my children love CBeebies and Mister Maker.  They send a box every two weeks with an art project inside.  They also include everything you need, even glue! 

The rocket and clown mask on their website look awesome.  I think I’ll even have to get Bella and Reuben a box each as I’m sure Bella will want to make everything as well!  It will also be a great big sister activity for Bella to help Reuben as she’s three years older.

Click below to get a free Mister Maker box!

Have you ever tried a kid’s subscription box for under 5s?  Let me know your recommendations in the comments!