7 ways to enhance your home's curb appeal

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7 ways to enhance your homes curb appeal

How to sell your house faster from the outside

If you’re looking to sell your home soon, then you’re not alone. Many people choose to start selling up and moving at this time of year. Spring and summer are the times that your home is likely to sell faster as more people are looking. But the word on the street is that if a home looks better from the outside, then it will sell faster than the ones that don’t look as good. So to give your home a fighting chance, it needs to be looking tip-top from the outside Here are some ways that you can get it looking its best.



  • Big Bold House Numbers - you’d be surprised just how much of a difference this can make. No one wants the house that is notoriously hard to find. It is an easy change too; just buy a new sign.

  • Paint the Doors - if your front doors are looking good then it makes a big difference. So if it is a wooden door that needs a lick of paint, then look to change it as soon as you can. You could replace the whole front door if you have enough in your budget to do so.

  • Swap Porch Lighting - how well lit your home is at the entrance makes a difference to someone’s first impression of the home. So it might be a good idea to swap out a sconce lighting fixture for a more modern pendant light, or just something bold but in keeping with your home’s style and decor.

  • Clean Up Furniture - if you have quite a large driveway and porch area, then you might have some furniture out. A seat by the front door, for example. Over winter it might have been through it with the variety of weather that we get. So giving a clean or a jet wash is a good idea. No one wants to see it if it is starting to get covered in green moss or mould.

  • Spruce Up the Driveway - if you do have a drive in the lead up to your front door, then it is a good idea to give it a spruce up. Are there any tiles that are cracked or damaged? Are there weeds sprouting up through the cracks? A bit of TLC and your drive will be looking good in no time.

  • Clear the Side of the House - if you have a small passageway through to the back of your house, running along the side of your house, then you need to remember that people will see that when they are walking up to the front of the home. If there are any eyesores in there, then remove them or cover with something like fencing. Clear weeds and generally tidy up the area, removing kids garden toys or pet accessories.

  • Use Flowers - if you don’t have many fresh flowers out at the front of your home, then adding some is a good idea. It softens up the look of the home and makes it look prettier. You could choose hanging baskets for by the door, or have some tall planters with small trees, to frame either side of the doorway.