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3 easy ways to be good to yourself and the environment

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3 easy ways to be good to yourself and the environment

3 easy ways to be good to yourself and the environment

There are so many ways to live your life in a sustainable way, but few of us are doing it. Using renewable sources, cutting down on energy consumption and taking an extended walk instead of using the car are all things which are simple in theory, but not so easy to implement into a busy life. There are certain changes that you can make which won’t cause as much of an impact on your lifestyle, but will keep you eco-friendly and at peace with the world for a time.


Reusable Carrier Bags

If you are getting a plastic bag each and every time you shop, you are adding a lot more unsustainable products to the environment which need a place to go when they’re not used any more - and often this is a landfill site. The UK have introduced a levy charge for plastic bags each time they are used when packing away the shopping at the till in order to decrease the amounts that are wasted, offering reusable, sturdier and bigger bags for customers to bring back to the store instead. There are a few countries which have implemented this scheme at different points over the past 20 years, but it’s one that we need to consciously think about. Taking your own bags (totes are great) to stores to pack away your shopping is one way of cutting back on the unnecessary addition of plastic to our world.

Health Products

We are constantly buying up bottles of shampoos and conditioners, putting plastic toothbrushes into our mouths which need replacing every few months and slathering ourselves in chemicals which make their way into the ecosystem. Strip things back and go natural for a while, see if there is any difference to your general day to day regime - you may find that you start to feel better within yourself and are spending less. You could get a miswak toothbrush from, which requires no water or toothpaste to use - keeping costs down as well as the waste that comes from the boxing for it. If you buy bulkier, bigger bottles, there is more chance that you are going to use it in a lot less time than you would smaller bottles of shampoo or conditioner. So if you don’t want to ditch the store-bought stuff for avocado and olive oil homemade concoctions just yet, you can still do your bit for the environment by making your bigger bottle last for a lot longer.


The most simple thing to do for so many of us! The majority of us would rather take a car ride down to a place that is only a 10 minute walk away, and by doing this we are adding so much more pollution to the environment than we would care to admit. Not only is walking good for your exercise, but it’s great to socialise with other people who are of the same frame of mind - when was the last time that you walked down the street and said hello to somebody passing you?