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March 2017 Blog Income, Stats and Goals (over £1000!)

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How much money do I make from blogging?

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March 2017 Blog Income: £1422.86

EEEEEEEK!  I made way over £1000 with my blog in March and my target was only a modest £500 so I am super chuffed!  Can I officially call myself a full time blogger now?  I am spending around 50 hours per week on my blog so I guess that qualifies!  I have this fear that if I get too excited then it will all stop and the work will run dry.  I guess that’s a big fear for every self-employed person/freelancer.

How much money do I make from blogging?  Here's my March 2017 income, stats and goals!

I did take the plunge and reduce my evening cleaning shifts from five nights to only three.  I could finish altogether, but because of the fear above I’m not ready to take that risk just yet.  It’s also great exercise!  I started three shifts only at the beginning of March and I’ve put on half a stone since!  I guess it’s six hours less exercise a week.  So I think I may keep up with it as long as possible just for the exercise!

Amazingly I’m also still owed £295 for blog posts I’ve completed so this is a nice start to my April blog income.  I only include the amounts I was actually paid within the month in my totals.

I’ve just checked my Google Adsense and I’ve finally reached the £60 threshold for a payment, so this may come in April too.  It’s taken me ONE YEAR to reach the £60 so I’m making a whopping £5 a month from Google ads!  I just have one in my footer now so I’m not making the most of them, but I also don’t want to plaster them all over my website.  Especially for so little return!  I guess the people killing it with Google ads have ridiculously high traffic.

Most of my income this month was through sponsored blog posts and reviews.  £25 was from an advert on my ads page and £60.34 was an affiliate payment.

March 2017 Google Analytics

My stats have increased very slightly again:

Page Views:  15520 (Feb: 14500)(Jan: 12300)
Sessions: 9025  (Feb: 8167 )(Jan: 6600)
New Users: 4704  (Feb: 4600) (Jan: 4400)

Social Followers

I haven’t been noting these down, so I’ll start now!  I’m really concentrating on my Instagram this year to increase followers.  I’d love to hit 7500 by the end of the year.  I never work on my Pinterest, hence the smallest number.  I literally just post my images there once I post a new blog post and leave it be.  One day I will learn how to optimise all my descriptions and give my boards a good clean up!  Twitter is still my favourite channel and I use Social Oomph to schedule tweets so I’m visible there all day.  I also check my notifications a few times a day to reply to comments.  Every now and then I’ll have a little retweeting spree too.

Instagram: 4402 (Feb: 3150)
Twitter: 55568
Pinterest: 706

Did I Achieve My March Blogging Goals?

  • Increase Instagram followers by 250 – ooh yes thrashed this one!
  • Instagram at least once every other day – nope – I’ve still been bad at trying to post a pic all the time.  My life just isn’t that exciting!
  • Make £500 from blogging – yes I whooped this one!
  • Change all ads to affiliate ads – Almost!  I’ve around 30 blog posts to change and I also decided to leave just one Google ad in my footer
  • Have a blog spring clean and clear out old irrelevant posts – yes I did this and I think I’m happy with all the content left.  I may just go through some of the older posts and tidy them up/bulk them out/improve the writing
  • Add internal links, check image descriptions and add keywords to at least 20 posts – yes I definitely did 20 of these, maybe more like 40-50
  • Research SEO for blogs – I watched a video and read a little.  It’s still a minefield to me, but I’ll be implementing some things this month.
  • Send out new blog posts daily via newsletter to test if it increases click through rate – yes I’ve started sending daily newsletters and I need to check the click through rate as I’ve not really looked yet.
  • Run two blog giveaways – yes I ran more than this – check out my Giveaway link in my menu bar ^^^
  • Revise Social Oomph blog updates – I’ve revised a few, but I really need to go through the whole lot and change the hashtags and titles

April Blogging Goals:

  • Increase Instagram followers by 500
  • Make £500 from blogging
  • Create a catchy blog heading and add intro paragraph to every blog post before the first image (at least 50 blog posts)
  • Continue adding internal links 2-3 per blog post (at least 50 blog posts)
  • Run two giveaways
  • Revise Social Oomph blog updates

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