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Top tips to improve the appearance of stretch marks

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Top tips to improve the appearance of stretch marks

Stretch marks aren’t something that only happens during a pregnancy or even to people who have experienced a sudden weight gain, they can happy for a variety of reasons and their appearance is different for each individual. 

Many people can feel very self-conscious of them. 

Because of this it can be necessary to become creative when deciding how to deal with stretch marks during summer, a season known for limited clothing.

How to prevent and minimise stretch marks 

Top tips to improve the appearance of stretch marks 

What Causes Stretch Marks

There are several causes for the dreaded stretching of the skin. Most people are familiar with the increased risk of developing stretch marks during pregnancy or weight gain but other factors could also cause a similar reaction. Those who begin lifting weights regularly and with great intensity will often find themselves covered in stretch marks due to their rapid increase in muscle mass. There are also a few health conditions and syndromes that can cause stretch marks to develop. Fortunately, for the average person stretch marks are only a cosmetic issue and not one indicative of an underlying health problem.

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Technological Advances

Fading the appearance of stretch marks has become infinitely easier with the latest advances in technology. Dermaclara stretch mark treatment uses silicone fusion to address the appearance of stretch marks within the comfort of your own home. It doesn’t require injections, chemicals, lasers, or surgery which is a big bonus for those who worry about unnecessary medical procedures.

Other options include microdermabrasion, light therapy, and retinoid cream. Microdermabrasion is via a hand-held device that apply fine crystals onto the skin that are then used to remove a thin layer of skin to promote new growth that will be more elastic.

Light therapy has a broad spectrum of applications. They are used to stimulate elastin or collagen growth and improve the appearance of the skin damaged by stretch marks.

Retinoid cream is a derivative of vitamin A and may be the treatment most familiar to consumers due to its inclusion in a number of different beauty products. However, this is most effective only on those stretch marks that are a few months old. Dermaclara stretch marks treatment can be used for far longer.

Home Remedies

One of the most powerful anti-aging oils is also useful for minimising the appearance of stretch marks. Moringa oil is derived from the moringa tree, which is often referred to as the miracle tree due to the powerful health properties found in virtually every part of the tree. The tree was originally found in South Asia but due to how quickly it grows and the hardy nature, it is now found throughout the world. The tree has been used as a food source and medicinally for more than 4,000 years. Many women have had great success applying this oil to their stretch marks to diminish the appearance.

Other home remedies include homemade sugar scrubs combined with olive or coconut oil and scented with a favourite essential oil. Aloe Vera has been reported to be an effective ally in the treatment of stretch marks.  Application of egg whites or apricots that have been ground to a paste have also received glowing reviews from bloggers.


Have you ever heard the saying an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure? It’s especially true when it comes to stretch marks.

No matter what the cause, it is possible to at least mitigate the damage to a degree. The most important thing to remember is the importance of hydration. Dehydrated skin is going to react more violently to rapid expansion because it will be lacking the natural elasticity it normally has. Without it the marks themselves may be more pronounced. Really, this is an easy one since drinking enough water is something people should be doing anyway and is relatively inexpensive.

The next thing to remember is to hydrate your skin from the outside as well as from within.  This can be done with coconut oil, shea butter, or other specialty lotions and creams. Ultimately, the external hydration that will work best is the one you will use on a regular basis.

Stretch marks can be a downer when swimsuit season rolls around and they are more difficult to hide under clothing. Happily, there are several ways to diminish their appearance to make the season less stressful.


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