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Perfect gifts age 0-12 from what2buy4kids *

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A fifth birthday wish list for Bella

Every parent will tell you time goes too quickly and believe me it really does!  This year has been the fastest yet, I mean we’re almost half way through.  Crazy right?  That means it’s very nearly Bella’s birthday and this year she’ll be turning five.  FIVE!  Oh my goodness.  The past five years have absolutely whizzed by in a flash.  I was scaring myself earlier thinking how only 3 more lots of these 5 years need to pass and she’ll be 20 years old!  Blink and you’ll miss it!

Usually I’m totally clued up when it comes to buying presents for my children, but I’ve been struggling a little with Bella this year.  I’ve got her party nailed (I hope), but the presents are baffling me a bit.  It seems like it was only just Christmas and she has quite a generous toy collection, but something new and fresh is always great to keep them entertained!  Luckily there are some amazing websites like who do all the hard work for us parents making present shopping a breeze.

what2buy4kids childrens gifts birthday age 5 wishlist girls

what2buy4kids has made the whole gift shopping for kids process super easy.  Not only is the website filled to the brim with inspiration, but they’ve categorised the toys by age and gender making it so much quicker to shop.  I picked ‘girls, age 5’ and the results are spot on.  Bella would love everything from these results and I now have so many great gift ideas.

I’ve managed, somehow, to filter my wish list for Bella down to six items to share with you.  There’s a creative, pink, jewellery, girly theme which suits her down to the ground just now. 

Little Pals Pink Watering Can Kit - Bella just loves to help in the garden so a gardening set with watering can, tools and her very own gardening gloves makes an adorable and practical gift. Perfect for any budding gardener.

Rachel Ellen Unicorn Writing Set – What five year old girl doesn’t love unicorns?  This cute writing set is great for five year olds to practice their newly discovered handwriting.

Colour Changing Flower Umbrella – Umbrellas are a necessary item for us adults, but a total novelty item for children!  They just love the opportunity to pop up an umbrella and splash about in the rain.  This colour changing umbrella will make rainy days even more exciting.

Fairy Blossom Jewellery Box – Keep precious gems and jewels in a treasure jewellery box with a super girly fairy, pearl and fluffy design.  Bella is obsessed with all things pink and fairy so this is ideal for this age group.

Create Your Own Fairy Puzzles – Puzzles are still a big hit at age five and creating their own is such a brilliant idea!  They’ll have hours of fun creating them and then playing with them, unless they chose to give their masterpiece as a gift which is also a superb idea.

My First Jewellery Making Kit – Five year old girls love to dress up and sparkle in pretty jewels and nothing is better than making their own creations.  A jewellery making kit ticks all the boxes.

This really is just a tiny snippet of what what2buy4kids has to offer!  Their website stocks a huge variety of high quality children’s toys, gifts and present ideas from baby right through to age 12 years old.  If you’re wondering what on earth to buy for a child’s birthday you need to give what2buy4kids a visit!