How to get your garden ready for summer

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How to get your garden ready for summer

Be summer ready in your garden

Summer is on the way, although you wouldn’t think it with the current weather! But,as Brits, we know that we will get at least one week of sunshine sometime before the rain starts to fall again. And, when that time comes, we should enjoy it. Let’s face it – no one wants to wait another year to bathe in sunshine. Everyone has different ways of enjoying the summer, but sitting in the garden is at the top of most of our lists. If your garden isn’t summer-ready, it’s time to roll up your sleeves. Otherwise, the summer will come and go before you realise.

Here are some fantastic ways to get the most out of your garden this summer.

 get your garden ready for summer

Clear The Clutter

Depending on your status, the junk you have in the garden will differ. For example, not everyone has a ten-year-old fridge wasting away in the corner. But, every family in the UK does use their garden as a dumping or storage site. It’s so easy to do that most people don’t even question it anymore. During the autumn and winter months, it’s okay to dirty the lawn. However, it isn’t acceptable in the summer, especially if you want to enjoy the warm weather. So, all the rubbish needs getting rid of, and everything else needs a home. The shed is the best place to store knickknacks that you might need later.

Deck Out The Conservatory

Like the garden, your hothouse may become a bit of a skip in the cold months. But, seeing as you will use it more when the sun turns up, now is the time to redecorate. You don’t have to do anything special because a deep clean and new conservatory furniture may suffice. All you need to do is ensure it’s usable on summer nights and the weekends.

Mow The Lawn

The summer isn’t only for sitting in your favourite chair and enjoying an evening beverage. It's also for playing with the children in the garden and making the most of your grassy areas.  Unfortunately this means keeping it under control and trim!  It isn’t quite the same when the grass is two feet tall. More importantly, it’s dangerous because anything can hide in tall grass.

Make Space

Summer is the perfect time for a BBQ if you have space. It's a great way to make the most of your garden and invite all your friends and family over.  A yearly BBQ event is a great excuse for a shindig and the perfect way to catch up with everyone all at once!  Just make sure the garden is tidy beforehand and you have cleared plenty of space for seating areas and most importantly a food area!