Great gifts for a school-leaving or graduating child

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Great gifts for a school-leaving or graduating child

The best ideas for gifts for school leavers

Pretty soon, thousands of young adults across the country will be leaving either secondary school or graduating from university. If your child is one of them, then have you thought about what you’ll get them as a gift? Of course, you don’t have to get them anything if money is tight (or they haven’t deserved it!), but if you have the cash (and they’ve done well), then buying them something special can be the perfect way to mark the end of that phase of their life. Here are some ideas on what you can get them.


It’s almost become a rite of passage for young adults to head off into the wide world for exploration, fun, and reflection. If your child is responsible and has a yearning to travel, then why not make your present something to do with travelling? You don’t have to pay for the whole thing (that’ll be expensive!), but putting money towards a flight or experience when they’re overseas could be a good idea. There are also some essential travel accessories that could do with having when they’re away, so maybe look at them too.

Throwing a Party

Your child has been working very hard recently, so they’re probably in the mood for having some fun! You could combine their yearning for fun with your gift, and host a party in their honour. If you have a garden, then pick up a gazebo, fill it with delicious drinks, and have your child invite their friends around. His or her friends, who will also be graduating or leaving school, will also be ready to let their hair down and have some fun.  Also, invite family members...and OK, you can make a speech about how proud you are of them if you want!

Gifts For School-Leaving or Graduating Child

Ultimate Freedom

Your child is about to embark into the world for the first time. They’re leaving the safety of formal education and will not embark on a new phase of their life, one where they’re bound by nothing and in which they can do anything they put their mind to. You can foster this new found sense of freedom by delivering to them the tool they need to really feel free: a car! You can pick them up for pretty cheap these days, and you might just get a ride or two from your child too. Win-win!

A Special Memento

If your child has done exceptionally well during their time at school or university, then it’ll deserve more than just a gift that, while good, is temporary. Sometimes, what’s called for is a special memento, one that they will have for decades and decades to come. If you think they’ll like a piece of jewellery, take a look at 14k gold chains or gold rings, or a watch that fits in with their style. If you already have an heir loom in your family, now might be the right time to present it to them.  

The Money to Progress

Your child might be bursting at the seams with ideas about what they want to do with their life next. Unfortunately, having the big ideas is pointless if you don’t have the financial backing to those dreams come true. If your child knows what they want to do but needs some cash behind them, then make that your gift to them. There’s every chance that your child has a better idea of what they need than you do; by giving them money, you’ll be letting them carve out their own future.

The Gift of Time

Some parents are of the school of thought that when a child leaves the education system, it’s time for them to pack their bags and move out of the family home. This can be a good thing, as it pushes them to make a success of themselves straight away rather than become complacent, but for some people, it’s a little bit too far. If they want their dreams to come true, they need a little more time under the roof they grew up in. If your child is like this, let them stay on in the family home until the time is right for them to move on. Just make sure they know they can’t stay forever!

Gifts For School-Leaving or Graduating Child travel

An Experience

There are a million and one fantastic things to do during the summer in England. Does your child have an eye on one particular event, but doesn’t have the money to make it happen? If so, then make sure right at the top of your shopping list is a ticket to that event. It could be a concert, festival, or show.  Whatever it is, it’ll be the perfect send off for what will have been an intense period of hard work for your child.

A Day with the Family

You can always make things pretty grand, but sometimes the best things in life are the most simple. If you’re a close-knit family, then you don’t have to automatically send your child off on their travels or to a concert. Instead, you have a family day, a special one, where the focus is really on them. You could celebrate by having a picnic at your favourite family spot, or go to the beach, or go to your child’s favourite restaurant for dinner. As long as everyone they love most is there, they’re sure to have a great time!

Words from the Heart

You can get your child a gift, but you should also take this opportunity to let them know just how proud you are of the person they’ve become. We’re only presented with a few obvious opportunities during a lifetime to tell a person how well they’ve done, so don’t miss it! Write them a letter, make a speech at dinner, or simply sit them down and express some words from the heart. They’ll appreciate the words just as much as the gift you get them, and you’ll also be inspiring them to kick on and do even greater things in the future!