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Coopers Hill Cheese Rolling Gloucestershire

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Coopers Hill Cheese Rolling Gloucestershire

Have you heard of the crazy cheese rolling event?

Yesterday was the crazy cheese rolling event in Gloucestershire.  It’s right behind our home and we can see the lunatics tumbling down the vertical hill from our back windows and garden!  Coopers Hill has a practically vertical patch of grass on it.  You really can’t tell how vertical it is until you are there.  We can walk to the top in around half hour from our home and once there in person, you really realise how crazy they are!

brockworth gloucestershire cheese rolling 2017

Every year on the last bank holiday in May the annual cheese rolling event takes place.  There are a few races in which a giant round block of cheese is rolled down the hill and participants chase after it down the hill to try to catch the cheese, or at least be the first to the bottom.  There’s often a rugby team at the bottom waiting to catch you, amongst all the news reporters.

It’s impossible to run down the hill as it’s so steep, so they end up tumbling and rolling down bouncing as they go.  It’s quite a sight!  I’ve only been in the crowd one year and the atmosphere is amazing.  It brings crowds of people from all over the world and the energy and buzz is fantastic.

I don’t think I’d ever be brave enough to do it – some people have broken bones and all sorts in the past.  There is an uphill race which I’d consider.  It sounds a lot less painful!

No-one really knows how this event started, but there are various rumours.  One being the rich people threw the cheese down the hill for their entertainment by making the poor run after it!  There are two totally different theories on Wikipedia.

One of my favourite TV programmes is Lives in the Wild and the presenter Ben Fogle took part in the cheese rolling yesterday.  Very brave, but he says he won’t do it ever again!