Why technology isn’t always great

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Why technology isn’t always great

The day I wanted to throw my laptop out the window

I do really actually quite like technology, after all I make a living online so I couldn’t be without it.  But, when it doesn’t work isn’t it the most frustrating thing ever?

Just the other evening I had a stack of blogging work to do, but I chose to take a rare evening off as I felt like throwing my laptop out of a window!  It was a good idea for me not to use my laptop that evening.

I’d already wasted almost SIX whole hours in the day trying to move the photos from my iPhone to our shared family network drive.

A simple task you might assume.

A few clicks and job done.

Yeah right.

I hadn’t actually taken anything off my camera since the end of last year so there was a fair amount to transfer.  I tried to copy directly from my phone to the network drive but it was having none of it.  It was going horrifically slow saying it was going to take three days or something ridiculous to copy the entire lot. 

Was it joking?  There were probably 1500 photos and some videos.

I knew this was far too long so restarted my computer a couple of times to see if it helped.


Whilst it was trying to copy it over it took me no less than three hours to finish and upload two blog posts that should have taken 45 minutes tops.  The transfer was just making my computer freeze non-stop.  I was getting so frustrated by this point!

I decided to copy the photos to my desktop instead and then move them to the network.  They copied no problem at all to my laptop.

Then I clicked copy (or cut, I can’t quite remember which) on the whole folder and paste in our shared photo folder on the network.

An error came up saying it couldn’t perform the action so I had to try again or skip.  I clicked skip.

And then. . .


The folder of photos DISAPPEARED!

Absolutely gone.  Vanished into thin cyber air.

I lost all my April and March photos from this year including all of my son’s second birthday!

I am so upset.

Sometimes technology sucks.