The secret is in the soil

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The secret is in the soil

Why the soil in your garden matters

This is the third year I’m growing veg in our garden.  Half of it is growing and half isn’t!  I did move half the pots to the other side of the garden and it’s slightly more shaded with our fruit trees, so perhaps this had made the difference.  It’s funny how some things grow and some don’t.  Last year I could not grow courgettes at all, yet the year before we had an abundance of them!

Sometimes it’s not just the position of the plants, but the soil in which they are grown.  The right soil for the job can make all the difference.  I’m a bit of a just plant it and hope for the best type person!  We do have our own compost bin which I now mix in with the old soil and I rotate the pots in which I grow the veg, but sometimes it’s not enough.  I really need to get savvy when it comes to soil.

Here is some great advice from Rattan Direct all about why the secret to a successful garden may lie in the soil:

What Secrets are in the Soil?

The soil in your garden is the growing medium in which flowers bloom and vegetables grow. As they do so, they suck out vital nutrients from the soil.

But if you notice that your runner beans are limp or your roses not as blooming as they once were, you need to give the soil care and attention.

Type of Soil

The type of soil in your garden is important to understand. Heavy soils will need different kind of treatment that a fine soil. Some soil types hog moisture whilst others are free-draining.

And then there is life in the soil. Are there plenty of worms and other tiny creatures? If not, this could be a reason why your soil is dense and heavy.

When was the last time you add nutrients to the soil? Organic matter is vital in keeping your soil rich and fertile. But what should you add and when?

Watering your plants is important as this is what maintains them over the hot summer months. But are you overwatering, leading to nutrients in the soil being lost?

Why Soil is Important

Arable land across the world is under pressure. With more housing and built developments needed to house a growing population, there is also a need for soil to grow crops and other foodstuffs.

Do you know the secrets in the soil?

The Secret Is In The Soil (Infographic)

*Infographic from Rattan Direct