My review of Lottoz: how to take part in lotteries around the world

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My review of Lottoz_ how to take part in lotteries around the world

The new way to scoop a lottery jackpot

Do you play the lottery?  I do.  You’ve got to be in it to win it, right?  I don’t actually believe I’ll ever win the lottery jackpot, but I find it fun to take part.  I’m not a big gambler, but I can afford to spend a little money on lotteries for entertainment and the excitement of a potential win.  I seriously get excited even if I win £2.50.  The most I’ve won in one go is around £40 and that was a very exciting day!

I’ve recently discovered there’s a new way to do the lottery.  Instead of playing the lottery or Euromillions, you can bet on them instead.  It costs exactly the same as playing the lottery and the jackpots are the same, so you won’t spend a penny more and can still win big, just as big!

If it’s the same, then why bet at all?

Well, it’s not totally the same.  There are some great benefits to using a site such as Lottoz to place a lottery bet.  Firstly, you can bet on lotteries all around the world.  Usually you can only play the lottery in the country you reside, but with Lottoz you can bet on any lottery you like.  This means even more chances to scoop a massive jackpot!

Secondly, everything is online which makes it super easy to pick your numbers and bet on the results.  You can set up a regular payment if you desire, so no need to remember to buy any tickets.  If you win you’ll be emailed and the money will go directly into your bank account.  No faffing around with finding slips of paper, visiting a store or waiting for a cheque to arrive.

Thirdly, you’ll get special offers.  When playing the lottery there are no incentives or special offers, but when you bet on the lottery you’ll notice deals such as ‘buy 5 lines, get 1 free’ giving you an extra chance to win a prize.

My personal review of Lottoz

I decided to give Lottoz a go myself and see just how easy it is.  The registration took around 30 seconds – name, DOB, address, done!  I then deposited £10 – an amount I was happy to lose.

I took a look through the lotteries and decided to spend my £10 betting on lotteries from around the globe which I had never been able to play before; Mega Millions, SuperEnalotto, Powerball and Oz Lotto.  One ticket for each of these totalled £10.  I usually go for lucky dips if I’m randomly playing, but I decided to pick numbers which related to our little family; each of our ages, our house number and the year we met.

My tickets were purchased using my balance and that’s it.  Now I just sit back and wait for an email to alert me to any winnings!  Just like playing the lottery, only better.


Please remember to gamble responsibly and only ever with money you can afford to lose.


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