Boost your brainpower today!

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Boost your brainpower today!

Tips to keep your brain ticking

Perhaps you don’t feel very smart. Maybe you want to ensure that your thinking remains sharp as the years go by. Whatever the reason, you want to help boost your brainpower. An admirable goal indeed! Helpfully, a lot of the things you can do to give your brain a boost will also give many other areas of your general health a boost. Here are some of the most effective things you can do to keep your brain healthy!

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There are few things out there that can boost your brainpower in the long-term more effectively than reading. Whether it’s fiction or nonfiction, paying close attention to the written word helps fine-tune your brain. Reading is a process of symbol interpretation, as well as one of absorbing new facts and exercising the imagination. It helps keep your brain active. It also helps beat stress - a dangerous element to one’s health if ever there was one - and increase your vocabulary. So pick up something you haven’t read before and challenge yourself!

Boost Your Brainpower Today - Tips to keep your brain ticking study

Study something new

Learning a new skill or studying a new subject is very good for our brains. Anything that presents our brain with a solvable challenge is good, and it’s fairly easy to accomplish this through a proactive engagement in further education (independent or otherwise). Learning a new language is especially effective, and even something that doesn’t seem particularly brainy, such as playing guitar, can help improve concentration and creativity.

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Quit bad habits

There are a lot of bad habits out there that really don’t do much good for your brain. In general, they prevent you from being able to concentrate via distraction, or even cause long-term damage to your brain. One very good example of this is smoking. It may be best to look into quitting methods such as Ace Vapes products, because tobacco really isn’t doing your brain a lot of good. While some studies have suggested that good things can happen in the brain when you’re smoking, it can eventually cause long-term damage. It also makes it more difficult to concentrate, as well as exercise. Speaking of which…

Boost Your Brainpower Today - Tips to keep your brain ticking exercise


Exercise helps defeat stress and low moods - two things you really don’t need if you’re trying to concentrate and solve problems. But there are studies that show an even stronger correlation between cognitive ability and physical exercise. Exercise helps increase the flow of oxygen to your brain, which is essential for its function. There’s more neuron activity going on in the brains of those who exercise three times a week than there is in those who don’t exercise at all!

Boost Your Brainpower Today - Tips to keep your brain ticking healthy eatin

Eat right

Omega-3, magnesium, carbs, protein, choline - these are nutrients that have been shown to help boost your brainpower. A diet full of junk food, soda, and meat has been shown to decrease cognitive ability - and this isn’t just in the short-term due to increased sluggishness, but also in the long-term. And yes, you do need to make sure you’re drinking enough water! Take a look at some of the other things you should be including in your daily life to give your health and brainpower a boost.