June 2017 blog income report and stats

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June 2017 blog income report and stats

A sneak peek at my monthly blog income and website stats

If you’re wondering how much money I make from blogging, read on. I share all with you in my monthly blog income reports.  These are a great resource for me to look back on and also for anyone who is interested in what I earn from blogging or what can be made. 

It’s not to show off, but to show how much money can be made online from a blog.  It’s important to note this is my full time income.   I left my employed job and I work on my blog all the time.  Like, ALL the time.  It’s my passion and my focus.  I have no personal social media or any distractions.  I also have no social life, or very little! 

If I am on my phone or laptop, I am always doing something blog related.  I put in around 40 hours a week at the moment whenever I can, usually ignoring my husband every evening!  Once both my children are at school then I’ll work out a better work routine if my blog is still making enough money.

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June 2017 Total Blog Income: £1743.59

£212.50 of this total is from Awin – my first payment from them!  Not because I rock at affiliate marketing, in fact only £12.50 of that is from affiliate links, but because I entered a blog competition with Etsy and I won £200!

£144.29 of this is from other referral links.

Most of my blog income came from sponsored posts, reviews and giveaways.  I value my time if it’s a collaborative post.  Many bloggers won’t charge for giveaways or reviews, but it’s all a form of advertising for the company, even if you do kind of get something in return like a product.  One of my reviews this month took me 2-3 hours.  That’s a few hours of my time I’m not going to get back and if you’re reviewing a few items per week, that’s practically a part time job!  It was during one of these weeks last year when I had around 10 reviews to complete that I had this realisation.  The ultimate goal is to benefit a company in order to get them more sales, aid their SEO or create brand awareness, so bloggers should be paid for this.  I did accept one unpaid review because the item was worth £150 and it was something we needed, but these types of opportunity are rare.

I’m very pleased with my earnings for June.  At one point I wasn’t sure I’d hit the thousand pound mark, then lots of opportunities fell in my inbox.  I find it’s like that most months.  There are a couple of quiet days and I quietly panic, then I’ll have a day where I’m offered ten collaborations and I stop panicking!  I think being self-employed means I’ll always being slightly anxious about whether I’ll earn enough each month.

June 2017 Stats

June total stats 2017 lylia rose uk lifestyle blogger

(The dashes just mean I hadn’t started recording these results each month)

My DA has stayed the same again, phew!  Though I don’t know if it has updated recently, so I hope it stays the same throughout June.  My score is 33 which I’m happy with as it means I qualify for more paid blog work.

At the start of the year it dropped for a couple of months.  Here’s my blog post about how I think I got it back up: 4 ways to improve your domain authority (DA)

My website stats are all down a bit which is a shame.  I don’t feel like they’ll raise greatly in July or August because of the school summer holidays and people being away.  We’ve certainly been out a lot more in the evenings and at the weekends, so I’ve not been reading blogs as much.  I expect stats to crash over the next couple of months as all my mummy readers are busy with their littles, just like I will be.

July Blogging Target

I’ve given myself an overall target of £1500 for July, but for all my home money making schemes: matched betting, blogging, mystery shopping and online selling.  Last month I split it up, but I think one overall target is a better plan. 

I decided last month to write an overall income report for my earnings from home, sharing all the ways I’ve made money.  Catch up on last month’s here:  How I Made Over £3000 From Home

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