Do you dress like a mum? How my style is changing now I’m in my 30s.

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Do you dress like a mum_ How my style is changing now I’m in my 30s.

Do you dress like a mum?  How my style is changing now I’m in my 30s.

I’ve started using a hashtag I found on Instagram to share my outfit posts called #dresslikeamum and it got me thinking.  Do I really dress like a mum, or do I just dress like I want to?  Have my clothing and beauty habits changed since becoming a mum, or is it just a natural change now I’m in my 30s?  I’m sure my style and beauty habits would have changed anyway, right?

I don’t use the hashtag to share pictures of myself slouching around in leggings and baggy t-shirts, oh no.  I use it to share outfits that I actually think I look good in and to show I still have style (perhaps) and still dress quite nicely (sometimes), even with much saggier non-existent boobs and a mum bum (the one thing, if anything, that I’m kind of paranoid about since having children).

Do you dress like a mum How my style has changed now I’m in my 30sWhat all mums dress like?  Converse, leggings and hoodies?

And the days I do wear leggings and baggy t-shirts now I'm a mum (because I obviously never wore these before)?  SO WHAT.  Who cares (the media apparently).  I’d rather be happy and comfy.

I did once have one family member make a comment to me when they saw me for the first time in around five years or so and I’d had my daughter a couple of years back ‘ oh wow, you don’t look like a mum’.  What does that even mean?  Is there some sort of automatic mum thing that is meant to happen and change how we look and dress?

But why do I use the hashtag?  Am I joining the parade that somehow thinks we should dress differently as mums?  No I’m not.  I’m doing it because I don’t think we dress any differently to anyone else.  They are just clothes after all.  It’s more to show those mum haters out there, hey, look at us, no we don’t dress any differently to you ‘normal people’.  I once shockingly read someone’s idiotic comment saying they never want to be a mum because all mums look tired and scruffy.  It’s always stuck in my head.  Because as if every non parent never dresses scruffy or looks tired. . .

Being 5 foot 7 I never wore heels anyway, so I was used to a life of flats, so this never changed.  I was also lucky to always work in retail and even when working at head office for a huge clothing brand, the dress was casual, so my wardrobe has always been fairly laid back.  Still, there have been some considerable differences in my attire and beauty habits since becoming a mum turning 30.

Here are the ways my style has noticeably changed from my 20s to my 30s:

Skirts into shorts

I used to always wear short skirts with bare legs.  Not because I was a tart, but because I liked them.  I felt comfortable in them.  Now I don’t.  Mid length is fine now for a skirt, but if it’s short then I have to wear leggings or tights too.   I now only feel comfy and somehow less exposed if it’s shorts with bare legs or a playsuit, that middle bit makes me feel extra secure!

No piercings

I used to have a lot of piercings starting with a horrific eyebrow piercing when I was 16 (what was I thinking).  Then I had two belly button piercings (top and bottom), four ear lobe piercings, a middle ear piercing (which didn’t last long as it got infected), two nipple piercings (one after the other as one fell out and closed up) and a lip piercing (which massively eroded the gums of my front teeth).  Phew.   Now I have none, but still a hole under my lip, a scar in my eyebrow, four scars in my belly button and plenty in my ear lobes.  The eyebrow piercing came out yonks ago, but I took the rest out once I got pregnant first time round.  I never had the feeling to ever put them in again after and don’t think I ever will.

Longer dresses

Along with the short skirts thing, I only ever wore short dresses in my twenties, but now I have found a new love in maxi dresses.  Before now I would have felt like an idiot in such a long dress, even though I always admired them on others and thought they looked super glamourous, but now they’re one of my favourite summer pieces.

I wear trousers!

I never wore trousers for around ten years or so as I always felt frumpy in them and paranoid of my thighs.  Now I love them!  High waist skinny jeans are my absolute favourite.  They cover any muffin top and suck in any wobbly mum tum!  And they are just so comfy.

No more beauty regime

I used to always wear a face of makeup, but now I just don’t have time.  I’m lucky to get a few lashings of mascara on before I leave for the school run, but most days I now go au naturel.  I’d never have left the house with no makeup a few years ago!

Do you think becoming a mum, or simply just ageing, has changed your dress sense and beauty habits?

Do you dress like a mum How my style is changing now I’m in my 30s.