Feeling lethargic? What could be causing your lack of energy

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Feeling lethargic can affect you in many aspects of your life. Lack of energy can certainly have a huge impact on your day. You can start to lose focus and concentration during work time, or even have no energy left to spend time with family and friends in the evening or during the weekend.  Being a busy mum of two young children who also tries to squeeze in working full time around the daily bustle can often leave me tired and sluggish.   However, there can be many reasons causing this feeling of tiredness, and often trying to resolve them can get you back to your normal energetic self. I thought I would share with you some of the common causes of feeling lethargic.

Low blood pressure

Low blood pressure is something we don’t ordinarily realise that we have until we head to the doctors to see why we are feeling so tired. Low blood pressure can be brought on through many different aspects of your life. Dehydration can bring it on, as well as low blood sugar and even diabetes. Thankfully, websites like https://homeremedyshop.com/low-blood-pressure/ have some great advice online to help you deal with low blood pressure. However, if it’s an ongoing issue, your doctor will best advise a cause of action.

Not drinking enough water

Water is so important to ensure that we feel healthy. It helps to flush out the bad toxins that can develop in our bodies, and help to keep our energy levels raised. As well as having benefits for some other areas like our skin tone and even aiding you to get a better night's sleep. However, it can be hard to develop the habit of drinking more water, however, checking out websites like http://www.self.com/story/how-to-drink-more-water can help.

Not getting enough sleep

Lack of sleep can often be the number one reason of low energy levels. We can experience a lack of sleep for a number of reasons such as circumstances like a newborn baby or young children, feeling anxious and waking in the night, or simply not preparing to sleep in time. However, doing things like encouraging your own bedtime routine where you cut down on the technology and prepare for a good night’s sleep by drinking a warm drink or taking a hot bath. Simple things like this can really improve your quality of sleep and therefore restore your energy levels the following day.

Struggling with anxiety or depression

Anxiety and depression are not easy things to overcome. Too often your energy can feel zapped due to feeling depressed or struggling with symptoms of anxiety. However, trying to overcome these issues slowly and positively will slowly restore you back to your normal self. Things like Cognitive Behavioural Therapy can help with depression and anxiety, as well as working on your mind-set. Also, you may want to consider things like yoga or meditation as things you can do at home.

Not taking exercise or looking after your diet

Finally, not exercising or having a well-balanced diet can really zap you of your energy. Your body needs nutrients and vitamins provided by a healthy diet to function, as well as keeping fit by exercising. It’s easy to fall off the fitness journey; however, slowly becoming more active again and being conscious about what you eat are positive steps in the right direction.