Is your lifestyle affecting your fertility?

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Finding out that you have fertility problems is devastating. All of those dreams of starting a family have to be put on hold for the time being but don’t worry, it might be ok. In certain cases, medical conditions cause infertility, but sometimes it is down to lifestyle choices. Most of the negative effects of these poor lifestyle choices can easily be reversed if you start living cleaner. If you’re struggling to get pregnant, one of these things might be the cause.

Are these lifestyle choices affecting your fertility?

Is your lifestyle affecting your fertility_


It’s not breaking news that cigarettes are bad for you. The list of ways that they damage your body is endless. Over 10% of all recorded infertility cases in the US have been linked with smoking, so if you’re a smoker and you’re trying to get pregnant, you need to cut it out straight away. E-cigarettes are a great way to bridge the gap between smoking and giving up and it’s much easier than going cold turkey. Get yourself an E-cigarette and chuck out those cigarettes today. Fertility can also be affected by second hand smoke so if your partner smokes, they need to stop as well. You also need to make sure that you don’t fall into the trap of thinking that one every now and again is ok because it will still have a negative effect.  


The evidence that alcohol directly affects fertility is shaky. Very heavy drinking has been known to affect fertility but the main issue is that it could affect the baby if you do get pregnant. We all know that drinking while pregnant will affect the baby’s development, but you might not realize that drinking in the months and weeks leading up to the pregnancy can also have similar effects. Having a few drinks now and again is fine, but don’t go overboard if you’re trying to get pregnant.

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Abnormal weight can have a drastic effect on your chances of conceiving. If you are overweight, your hormone levels will be altered and this can have a knock on effect on ovulation. However, being underweight is equally as dangerous. In extreme cases, people that are dangerously underweight could see a change in their menstrual cycle, which will make it harder to get pregnant.


Exercise is always good for you, right? In most cases it is, but you can go overboard when you’re trying to conceive. You should be doing some exercise because it keeps your body healthy and does improve your chances of conceiving. But if you do too much exercise, it can go the other way. Too much exercise causes problems with ovulation and makes it far more difficult to get pregnant. Anything more than five hours a week can be too much and can hurt your chances.

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As much as you enjoy your morning coffee, you might have to cut it out when you’re trying for a baby. High levels of caffeine affect the muscles that are responsible for helping the eggs to travel into your womb. Drinking too many coffees could hugely reduce the likelihood that you’ll get pregnant. However, some studies have challenged this link and some people ignore the advice. To be safe, it’s still best to cut out caffeine while you’re trying.

Final word

There are lots of ways that your lifestyle choices can negatively impact your fertility.  Make some changes today for your health and future.