July 2017: a sneak peek at my blog income and stats

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July 2017_ a sneak peek at my blog income and stats

July 2017:  a sneak peek at my blog income and stats

If you’re wondering how much money I make from blogging, read on. I share all with you in my monthly blog income reports.  These are a great resource for me to look back on and also for anyone who is interested in what I earn from blogging or to see what is possible to earn.

It’s important to note this is my full time income.   I left my employed job and I work on my blog all the time.  Like, ALL the time.  It’s my passion and my focus.  I have no personal social media or any distractions.  I also have no social life, or very little!  I devote all my spare time to my blog and website.  It’s my obsession.  I make enough to live on, yet I'm nowhere near the big bloggers, there are many making over £100k per year!  Crazy!

If I am on my phone or laptop, I am always doing something blog related.  I put in 30-40 hours a week at the moment whenever I can.  I sacrifice evenings with my husband to work on my website.  He is now used to me not listening to him as I’m so engrossed in my laptop or phone!  Once both my children are at school then I’ll work out a better work routine if my blog is still making enough money.  I hope to then work in the day only and have my evenings and weekends back, if possible!

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July 2017 Total Blog Income: £1868.37

Just under £100 of this is from referrals and the rest is from sponsored posts, reviews and giveaways.  I always charge for collaborative posts including reviews and giveaways.  There has been the rare occasion I haven’t charged for a review when the item is £100+ and I’ve really wanted it!  Most bloggers don’t seem to charge for giveaways, but I do.  I’ve seen quite a lot of bloggers stressing recently that companies haven’t sent out a prize when they have finished running a giveaway for them and then they can’t get hold of the company!  Eek! 

I always ask for payment upfront to run a giveaway which confirms to me they are committed to sending the prize out, and if they don’t then I can use the money to fund a prize.  Did you know as the giveaway host you have to provide a prize of equal value if the company don’t stick to their end of the deal? 

That’s something to consider when you do run a giveaway for free.  Can you afford to send a prize if they suddenly disappear off the face of the planet? 

Plus you should value your time.  The blog post takes time to create and promote.  Plus all the time you’ve spent building your audience and you are giving them brand awareness for free.  I’m sure they are making money as a company and running a giveaway with you will give them exposure, brand awareness and possibly sales.

July 2017 Stats

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(The dashes just mean I hadn’t started recording these results each month)

My DA went up twice in July, woohoo!  It went from 33 to 35, then up to 36 which I’m very pleased about.  I’ve deleted some more broken links and created more internal links.

At the start of the year it dropped for a couple of months.  Here’s my blog post about how I think I got it back up: 4 ways to improve your domain authority (DA)

My overall stats are up which is great to see.  Running giveaways really boosts them, so it’s kind of cheating really, but I hope it’s a genius way to get more readers to my blog.  I had an email from a giveaway entrant just last week who said to keep the blog posts coming as he enjoys reading them all so much.  So it can definitely work to get more readers too!

August Blogging Target

I’ve given myself an overall target of £1000 for July, but for all my home money making schemes: matched betting, blogging, mystery shopping and online selling. 

I expect to make £1000 from blogging alone, as mystery shopping will be out of the question with the summer holidays!

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