What to look for in a new uniform

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What to look for in a new uniform

What to look for in a new uniform

Starting a new job is always an exciting time - new opportunities, new people and a chance to really make a mark somewhere.

Choosing the elements of your uniform can be as exciting as starting the role. There are lots of uniform suppliers such as Simon Jersey who provide businesses with workwear.

But what should you keep in mind when looking for your new uniform?

What to look for in a new uniform

The role

It might sound simplistic but the first thing you should consider with your uniform is the job you’re going to be doing.

This not only helps you to narrow your search for the perfect workwear but it also means that the choices you do make are much better suited to the role. Understanding the job you’ll be doing and the tasks involved in that role allow you to plan properly, making sure that you not only look the part but will be able to do the job effectively.


There’s nothing worse than being uncomfortable at work and not being able to do anything about it. Discomfort can seriously hinder your ability to work and negatively impact your mood.

If you work in a shop for example you’ll likely be on your feet for a long time each day. The right footwear is so important; you need to be comfy to be able to keep going through even the longest shift. Look for something that supports your feet and consider a padded insole to help cushion your feed during the day.

You might also be moving in and out of a warehouse or stockroom throughout the day. Consider something that can keep you comfortable and warm while still looking professional.


If you work full time you’ll be wearing a uniform for the majority of the week. Something that is easy to look after and clean should be a consideration so you can always look your best at work.

If you work in a hotel on the front desk for example having a clean, well-presented uniform is vital. You’re usually the first and last staff member a guest sees so looking your best can help to make a great first and lasting impression


This is the part where your own taste can enter the equation. You need to look the part in your uniform, and to a degree this means matching how you look to the personality of the business.

Not only what you should be looking for but the specific colours and materials too, they all help to create a look and feel for a business, from relaxed and fun-loving to a more serious, focussed look.

This might mean wearing something chic and simple, or it might mean wearing something with more detailing and personality. When you’re choosing your uniform if you aren’t sure about something and doubting if it’s suitable then ask your employer. They should be able to point you in the right direction.

A uniform is something that you will spend a lot of your working life wearing, making sure you take the time to find the perfect workwear can make that time more comfortable and enjoyable.

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