Upgrading a period property with sash window draught proofing that doesn’t affect interior design

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Upgrading a period property with sash window draught proofing that doesn’t

Upgrading a period property with sash window draught proofing that doesn’t affect interior design.

Sash windows can be cold, draughty, noisy, and uncomfortable but there’s nothing worse than a tacked on draught proofing that ruins the look of your interior decoration. Fortunately there’s a new technology which is hidden within the sash to ensure your period features don’t lose any authenticity or charm.

What is sash window draught proofing and how can I install it so that my interior decor isn’t affected?

Sash window draught proofing is a series of brush piles that are installed into your original sash windows and are hidden within the frames. These brush piles will cut all icy draughts passing through your windows into your home. To learn about sash window draught proofing in depth I would highly recommend taking a look at the link provided where diagrams and descriptions are written by ‘hands on’ professionals. The draught proofing will also stop any warm air escaping. This considerably improves the comfort of your property and even helps to reduce your energy bills. The Energy Saving Trust estimate that for each window draught proofed, a saving in energy of £25 per year is achieved!

Here’s a picture of a sash window that has been draught proofed and there are no visible signs of the draught proofing, but it is there, doing it’s job of keeping your home warm.

Image 1 Sash window draught proofed leaving no visible signs of affecting t


What options are there to further improve the look of my interior decor that’ll help with draught proofing?

Sash window draught proofing as a stand alone product is very powerful and pound for pound cannot be matched. Further options that offer diminishing returns in value are double glazing sash windows and secondary glazing. Unfortunately secondary glazing looks unsightly and will adversely affect the look of your interior design. There is however a much simple option to amplify the effects of draught proofing.

Heavy, lined curtains do a brilliant job of keeping your home warm when used in conjunction with draught proofing. There’s an added benefit that the draught proofing will catch all dust and dirt before it can enter through your windows as well. This stops soiling and expensive dry cleaning bills of your nets and curtains. Here’s a picture of heavy curtains used on sash windows. The result is charming and beautiful while still keeping the traditional feel.

Image 2 - Sash window decor - heavy lined curtains

There are more stylish sash window shutters that will help with heat retention though that are not as good as lined curtains. If you take a look at this image, you’ll see they do look very nice though and really enhance interior design.

 Image 3 Sash window shutter that really enhance interior design

Who installs sash window draught proofing?

Sash window draught proofing is installed by specialist sash window companies that are setup to work on sash windows alone. London has literally hundreds of sash window companies as it’s a UK hotspot for sash windows. There are however companies up and down the country and can be found with a simple google search. The process is recognised by the Government as energy efficient and therefore a VAT rate of 5% is charged.

In summary, if your home is suffering from lost heat and noise, then a draught proofing system will considerably improve the ambience whilst having no impact on your interior decor, whilst being cost effective and helping the environment.

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